The popular Los Agaves restaurant at 600 N. Milpas Street, which just won the 2012 Santa Barbara Independent award for Best Mexican Restaurant, is in discussions with property owners to open a second location at 2911 De La Vina Street, the former home of Jake’s Cafe and Cuzcatlan Salvadorian Cuisine.

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11 Responses to DOS AGAVES

  1. Dianne says:

    Yes! Perfect location.

  2. Amanda says:

    I wish they’d open up in Goleta so I wouldn’t have to drive so far to get my chimichanga.

  3. sygyzy says:

    Dos Agaves. LOL

  4. Christine! says:

    it took me forever to try this place- fantastic food!! Glad to hear this, and i too hope they can get a Goleta location!

    John- we here in the SYV hear El Sitio is coming to Buellton- GREAT NEWS!!!

    • Glenn says:

      Apparently the El Sitio will be going where the Mexican market was near city hall. Seems like we have enough mexican in Buellton. Rudy’s does it for me. Never been much of an El Sitio fan. I would frequent Los Agaves if in Goleta too but I agree with others that another cuisine would be preferable than the over 100 mexican places in this guide.

    • Don says:

      El Sitio in Buellton is now open it looks. It’s a tough location, as are many storefronts in the area, separated from other businesses. Hope it does well though. A friend and I were saying a few months ago, we wish it were Los Agaves that was opening there!

  5. Christine! says:

    Glenn- someone on Craigslist is advertising for a cook who can do Irish food in the SYV- maybe some haggis and shepards pie in our future!

  6. Christine! says:

    thanks Frankie- was just repeating the Craigslist ad contents….didn’t check my Food Lovers Companion before I posted <3

  7. Glenn says:

    btw I’ve tried and failed to get John to add all the SYV restaurants(including all the Solvang/Buellton ones) Christine… People still think Buellton is just a couple of fast food places cause that’s what they see from the freeway instead of the about 30 places in town. Maybe I should start my own site for the valley. At least he has three of the bigger places in the guide but it would be fun if he had more from Buellton/Solvang but its probably too much extra work for him.

  8. Paul W says:

    Oh no… now it looks like I’ll be having my favorite burrito of all time more often. That’s good and bad. Great because Agaves Burrito is the best thing ever, and bad because, well, it’s heavy in calories. :/ everything in moderation – so much easier when it’s harder to get to. haha

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