Reader Dawn let me know that Epic Bowl in Paseo Nuevo has closed their doors. I stopped by and saw that their sign is gone from the outside of the building and all of the interior fixtures have been removed. The acai bowl and smoothie shop opened in October 2010.

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2 Responses to EPIC CLOSURE

  1. Forest says:

    Been there twice. They made mistakes both times and didn’t seem to care. I’ve never gone back. The place was just an inferior rip off of Backyard Bowls.

  2. Ruston says:

    The owner didn’t know that the parking lot in Paseo Nuevo wasn’t open early morning, and that the mall doesn’t get much morning traffic, and he was depending on breakfast sales. Major mistake opening in this location. By contrast Backyard Bowls opens in places with early morning traffic and parking right in front.

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