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Greetings John,

News from Fresco Cafe.

Mark and I have partnered with our friend and former Santa Barbara resident Sarah Aquino to open up Fresco Cafe Reno.  It is a new twist on the Fresco concept, and is built around the idea of a franchise that would allow would be entrepreneurs to own a business with an affordable start up cost.

Fresco Cafe Reno has a limited menu made up of the most popular Fresco menu items with a Chalkboard Special Menu.  The menu will include Salads, Flatbreads and Piadinas, a sandwich made with a warm and toasty flatbread.
Reno has blossomed with many fine restaurants in recent years and like Santa Barbara, is very much committed to serving locally sourced food and as much organic as possible.

The new website under construction is

As always, we thank all our wonderful customers in Santa Barbara for their support over the last seventeen years and are pleased to serve the community to the best of our ability.


Jill Brouillard

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  1. Glenn says:

    Is this to tell us we can go to Reno now to get the same food as we can get here or that there is a flashy variant of Fresco available here now called “Reno”?

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