This just in from the owners of the new State & Fig restaurant at 1114 State St. in La Arcada, the former home of Whale Tail Deli:

Good morning John,

Thank you, and reader Pam, for the announcement of our recent opening.  State & Fig did open last Wednesday for breakfast and lunch Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm.

We did not formally announce the opening to allow our team a smooth transition into the new operations, after a 4 month closure for renovations.  We did verbalize to a majority of our former Whale Tail clientele, so that we had the chance to iron out any wrinkles with our loyal (and often forgiving!) guests.

We are proudly running on all cylinders for breakfast and lunch, however we do have a few more weeks before we launch the full service dinner (Wed-Sunday) and full service weekend brunch (Sat & Sun).  We certainly will update you when we have that date, and operating hours, written in stone.

After we closed escrow in December, Marisa and I opted to continue operating as the Whale Tail, so that we could fine tune our new concept to what best suits our clientele.  That period of time proved to be extremely helpful, and did present some changes to our original concept.  We did not proceed with the wood burning oven, as the historic 3 story building we are in, posed too many uncertainties, and potential challenges to pursue that avenue.  We also opted for a daily blackboard selection of seasonally inspired daily antipasti and cheese in place of the full service antipasti bar, which will be implemented when we launch the dinner service. We did stay true to our name…creating a menu of most all products born/raised or handcrafted in California (The State)…and prepared in the tradition of Riviera style cuisine…simple/rustic preparations with in-season products (The fig, representing both the European and California Riviera).  The fig is seasonally represented in many menu preparations on the menu, and we have a beautiful 3 panel photo of the local Moreton Bay Fig tree being installed in the upcoming days as homage to the fig.

We appreciate all of the tremendous local support our family has received since relocating to Santa Barbara last August.  We look forward to contributing a fresh, new dining destination to all in the historic La Arcada courtyard.  We hope that everyone in the community will come and re-discover La Arcada, and State & Fig. There have been many amazing new additions to the tenancy in the past year to compliment the wonderful tenant base that has made La Arcada their home for many years.

All the best,
Patrick & Marisa

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5 Responses to STATE & FIG UPDATE

  1. Jerry says:

    Oh much for my anticipated wood burning pizza oven. The hoops one must go through for any business, yet alone a restaurant, are discouraging. Was also looking forward to the antipasti bar. Anyway, I wish them well.

  2. Alex says:

    I was really looking forward to the wood burning oven! Bummer.

  3. Patrick says:

    Jerry/Alex, The loss of the wood burning oven was a bit of a disappointment to us as well, however it gives us the determination to perfect the craft of California Flatbreds with alternative methods of cooking…we will certainly keep you updated on that recipe progress as it develops. We did add a new radiant grill, and additional with the exception of the flatbread, all of the other anticipated menu progression has developed as originally anticipated. The seasonal antipasti selection will be the same as we planned (from a menu perspective), it will just be executed from the kitchen vs. at the counter. We did lose a little of the “show” we were aiming for, but at least the food will be properly executed, which we felt had to take precedence for the long haul. We hope we see you down at the State soon! Thanks for your support!

  4. SL says:

    Bummer about the oven! Still looking forward to checking out the new concept though, sounds tasty.

    SB is still in dire need of a REAL wood burning oven restaurant churning out pies cooked at proper temps, none of the blonde, undercooked nonsense the faux-wood fired joints around here serve! If you checked out Full of Life at the Sol Food event event over the weekend you now know the leopard spotted beauties a real wood fired oven can produce!

  5. Michael Bergen says:

    Great food and service! I will be back for more!!

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