Reader Steve tells me that Figueroa Mountain Brewing, at 45 Industrial Way in Buellton, plans to open a second brewery/tasting room in the Funk Zone by the end of the year.

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  1. WM says:

    It’s true! The whole building is being developed with Fig Mountain, winery and a restuarant. This is great news as Fig Mountain’s beer is way better than anyone else brewing downtown.

  2. Bob says:

    Awesome. More breweries = better! Plus, I’m not a big fan of Telegraph, and their tasting room hours suck.

  3. Christine! says:

    Great job Figueroa Mountain Brewery!! I am a wine person, personally could care less about beer- BUT Fig Mnt is great- their Danish Lager Red is fantastic- they were so popular at Danish Days- 2 yrs in row! Jalama Blond- another fantastic product!

  4. Spank13 says:

    No need to take a shot at Telegraph, they make great beer (better than the rest of town). Fig is great and I’m looking forward to getting growler fills!

    • WM says:

      I think Telegraph has done a decent job with their marketing and distribution deals. However, most beer drinkers I know don’t really care for their offerings and many have said they actually dislike the beer. Someone saying they aren’t a big fan of Telegraph is just an opinion, not taking a shot at them. Saying their tasting room hours suck is reality. Of course, the tasting “room” portion of their space was clearly an afterthought and isn’t really intended to be a true tasting room. Those that enjoy their beer are probably thankful they have any sort of tasting room and simply adapt to the hours of operation.

      • Rob says:

        Yeah I don’t think the original poster was “taking a shot” at Telegraph, just saying he was happy to see another brewery in town because the one main one here wasn’t that great in his opinion. I would agree with him too, Telegraph is pretty average for the most part. Figueroa Mountain has been very good and in this beer snob’s opinion, quickly became the best of the local breweries. This is good news.

      • Steve L says:

        Interesting, I feel exactly the opposite as WM. I think some of the Telegraph beers are fantastic and in fact, they have been recognized at the Great American Beer Festival. Fig Mountain on the other hand has a great brand with clearly a good deal of marketing money behind it, and they have expanded pretty rapidly, but when I went to their brewery, I thought all of their beers left something to be desired. I attributed this to the fact that they were so new. Based on the new beers they were pouring yesterday at the Sol Food Fest, they are showing a lot more potential and maybe they are really hitting their stride now.
        I look forward to this project opening and I will certainly be a patron. I support all local breweries; more the better. The only one I will say is unequivocally bad is SB Brew Co.

        • George Stanton says:

          So happy that Figueroa Mountain Brewing is coming to Santa Barbara if it is indeed true. I am an avid beer critic and think their entire beer line up is solid. No major flaws in any of the beers. Heard they are doing some new styles so excited to see what they are coming up with. Had a few of their seasonals at LA Beer Fest at Union Station with some friends and they were some of their best yet. Happy to have them in SB, see you all at the new place. Anyone know exactly where it will be?

        • Sean Lewis says:

          Brewco is unequivocally bad? Have you been there since
          Kevin Pratt took over brewing operations? I would have shared your
          opinion of Brewco when I first moved back here in October 2010,
          because it was very bad. But that’s just not the case anymore. For
          those knocking Telegraph… I’d like to see better tasting room
          hours, and I’d like to see them available at more places around
          town. That said, I love their obscura series beers – the stock
          porter is good and the oatmeal stout is dynamite. As far as Fig
          Mountain is concerned… I just don’t understand how they’ve been
          able to expand so fast. It’s remarkable.

    • SL says:

      Telelgraph is just OK. Comes down to personal preferences in some ways but I find the beer at Hollister and Brewhouse even to be superior. It’s great that they are a local grass roots brewery, but it seems they have have expanded too fast. The consistency of the beers isn’t that great and you can end up with far too many skunky bottles. And for the love of god they need to clean out the skanky lines at the tasting room, blech. Nothing worse than trying to show off a product and pushing it through disgusting lines to the glass.

      Great to hear Fig Mountain is coming to down. They have a ton of marketing money and have poured a lot of effort and $$ into creating their brand. Thankfully the beers are pretty darn good. At first they were just fine, but as of late they seem to be hitting their stride.

  5. David says:

    Just an FYI, Fig Mtn is opening their SB tasting room in
    two days, June 2, 2013; Sunday. Should be fun. Have a great
    weekend. 🙂 David

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