Here is my picture of the Space Shuttle flying over Goleta this morning on its way to a museum in Los Angeles. To see pictures that don’t suck, visit

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  1. Tyler says:

    If you had not posted the snapshot, I would not have known the shuttle flew over Goleta.
    Captures do not suck and I’m a pro so… take it from me.

    Meantime, I’ve been out and about and may have MISSED your review or recommendation for Jersey Mike’s. Did you do one? I had no idea it was there until month #3 and I never thought to look at your site for comments.

    I CAN say, now, that being from New Jersey, Morris County – the best area to live, work and play 35 miles from NYC, I am so close to proclaiming Jersey Mike’s as the best NJ food to hit SB in 37 years that I have been here. Love the home made bread… The slicing of the meat fresh and thin as you watch…. Amazing. Tyler

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