After just 2 months in business Snack Shack at 801 State St. has closed their doors permanently. Rumors have been flying since the eatery was locked during business hours last Friday and today I received confirmation from reliable sources that the “home of the Santa Barbara Burger” is gone. Before it was Snack Shack the address was occupied by Piranha Restaurant & Sushi Bar and Rocks.

I took the pictures below last Thursday, the day before they unexpectedly shut their doors. At that time I spoke with the manager and left with the impression that all things were business as usual.

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19 Responses to SNACK SHACK SACKED

  1. Bob says:

    It takes a special talent to botch a business plan so badly that you only last 2 months.

  2. Tama says:

    How can a new place in the middle of state st roll over so quick. Somebody is out some money.

  3. Milo says:

    A really stupid concept that’s what!

  4. Ken Volok says:

    People ask how it could happen so fast and it’s easy to explain why, rent and supplies overcame demand. Especially the rent, El Paseo Nuevo tenants are contractually bound to split profits with the landlord as well as paying rent.

  5. Lily says:

    This town needs something more innovative than another burger and fries joint.

    • Milo says:

      Eureka is a completely different concept and doesn’t compete with the likes of a Snack Shack.

      Snack Shack failed for a number of reasons, most notably an asinine concept. And it didn’t help that the owners had zero restaurant experience.

  6. Chaz says:

    How many restaurants/eateries in town – four, five hundred roughly? ALL competing for your discretionary income dollar. All suffering higher raw materials cost due, in part, to drought conditions and high gasoline (transportation) costs among other things.

    Now, consider the customer base. Your gasoline cost has doubled in recent years taking a bite (in some cases a very BIG bite if you’re at the lower end of the socio-economic scale) out of YOUR discretionary income.

    Something has to give. Let’s see – I still need gas and have to pay rent. I need some clothes and, jeez, I have to pay the utility bills or they’ll shut off the electric or worse – they’ll cut off my smart phone data plan!

    Hmmmm… I think I’ll “brown bag” the lunch for awhile – $10 bucks worth of PBJ and bread should last me a week or so. Guess the $12. Ahi sandwich will have to go for now. Ok, let’s not get hasty. I’ll cut back somewhere and treat myself to a nice meal out maybe twice a month instead of three times a week.

    Methinks this hypothetical mental exercise is being repeated in households all over the country right now.

    Conclusion: I’m surprised more restaurants haven’t already shut their doors.

    • Glenn says:

      Good one Chaz. I’ve always wondered what restuarants do with unused food items. They have a menu and have to stock more food than people eat. I guess when is about to go bad they give to employees or themselves? I guess also they may get a tax right off if go to a homeless shelter etc.? Be curious what those in the industry have seen, it seems like no one in America should be hungry as the food should go somewhere.

  7. Frequent Diner says:

    Sound more like undercapitalization. A new business, especially a restaurant needs months if not at least a year to break even. And even then it’s a crap shoot. So perhaps a lack of a business plan as well.

  8. Forest says:

    I have an innovative idea for a new restaurant in Santa Barbara that is sure to be a hit: a hot dog stand that sells hot dogs in the shape of burgers on a burger bun. Any investors out there?

  9. dmo says:

    FYI – that building is not part of Paseo Nuevo, but is privately owned and actually rather reasonable – I looked at it before it became SS

    • WM says:

      You must have been provided different information than I’ve received. The rent being asked for that place is astronomical. Sorry to say it but that space hasn’t been vacant more than its been open over the past few years for no reason. It is an ideal location in the middle of state street at the main entrance to the primary shopping destination. However, the layout for that place is horrible. That shouldn’t bother tourists for part of the year looking for a quick bite and a beer who want to sit outside. However, anyone is going to struggle in that space with that layout for the rest of the year. Of course that all goes out the window when the landlord believes they can charge one of the highest per square foot rental rates on State Street for a space that has a horrible layout.

      There were rumors someone wanted to install a rooftop patio there a while back. That would help tremendously but I can only imagine the cost of getting it permitted and installed.

  10. IPA says:

    I found their pulled pork sandwich quite tasty and reasonably priced, and when they added Stone IPA as an alternate to Pacifico, I looked forward to many visits there. Oh, well, I won’t starve… Sad, though.

  11. julibelleSB says:

    Why would anyone think they could sell a hamburger on State Street…isn’t the Habit a block away..outdoor seating, a delicious burger/shake fries……did the Snack Shack people live here? Did they ever walk down the street? What a waste. Did the vendors, the construction folks the painters, get paid?

  12. Mike Gee says:

    Take the money and run, sounds like a scam job, you can ask the owner what happened, if you can find him down in central america. Multiple investor dollars can add up when each investor is unaware of each other, follow the money trail?

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