Today I added the menu for Snack Shack at 801 State St. in downtown Santa Barbara which opened last July.

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3 Responses to NEW IN THE GUIDE

  1. CWB says:

    Walked by Snack Shack this afternoon and it doesn’t appear to be open… tables stacked, lights off, door locked etc. Their Facebook site seems to be missing content as well – used to have pictures of menu, hours and information and now it’s just a picture of the front. I liked this place, has it closed down already?

    • John Dickson says:

      I was just there yesterday (Thursday) and talked to the owner. He said he was changing the menu soon and working on his web site. He didn’t give any indication at all that Snack Shack’s existence-on-this-Earth status would change.

  2. Michael Bergen says:

    They are closed.

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