Readers Stigand and Kay sent me photos indicating that Itsuki restaurant, coming to 7127 Hollister Ave in Goleta (formerly Baja Fresh), now has a “coming soon” sign on the building.

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6 Responses to ITSUKI UPDATE

  1. Fay says:

    Hope they’re up and running by winter – bring on the soup!!!!

  2. Bob L says:

    Does this mean they’re moving, or is this an additional store?

  3. Bob L says:

    Oh dear! I’m sorry to hear that…. that’s outside of our usual orbit, except for the occasional Costco visit. I’ve always felt Itsuki was one of the better Japanese choices in town and loved its convenience. Also, the owners choice of great jazz playing in the background. I wish him well, but I’ll miss my frequent visits.

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