Reader Mike tells me that Taqueria El Refugio at 730 N. Milpas St has closed. The restaurant opened in January 2010. Since I started keeping track in 2005, that address has been the home of La Chiripita Taqueria, Chili Town, DogHouse, and Mexican Grill. Mike tells me that it looks like something new is replacing it soon but he is not sure what because the signs are vague.

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  1. JP says:

    its had so many different names.

    Mr. Pancho was one of the best.

    and it was Grampy’s or Grumpy’s or something for awhile.

    can’t remember the rest now.

  2. DN says:

    I loved when it was the Doghouse. They had the best chili fries! I would think this location would do well considering the high school kids would probably bring in some business during the week, but apparently not since it’s been so many different restaurants.

  3. Glenn says:

    Correct my dear!

  4. I went there for breakfast about a month ago and it was so awful I didn’t even complain. Just threw it away. Everything tasted like bad perfume!

  5. Bob says:

    The sign up now says “Closed for re-modeling” and still has the old owner’s business license/permits posted in the windows. There’s also a couple of big posters with an ugly dog and a fork/knife symbol hinting at the return of something. Whether it will be worthwhile or not, one never knows. Regardless, I don’t think anyone is going to miss Refugio.

  6. Jack says:

    I live within walking distance of the location. I heard a rumor that a new place with “good coffee and good food, similar to the daily grind will take over” The new place is rumored to be called “The Shop”.

    • Bob says:

      Wow, if that turns out to be true then it would be one of the best things to happen to the Milpas area in decades. They’re going to have to do something about parking though.

    • Bob says:

      Jack nailed it. The rumor about “The Shop” is true. Walked by this evening and a bunch of people ‘involved’ were hanging out and, dare I say it, they looked surprisingly like hipsters. Not the typical upper Milpas crowd. I can’t officially confirm the hipster part because I didn’t see anybody cutting up lines in the bathroom, but I did see a lot of well maintained facial hair.

      They’ve totally re-done the inside and said they are going to tidy up the outside patio as well. Quick, good food, beer and wine is what dude told me. If it turns out to be good food and a good hang, then this is nothing short of fantastic.

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