Readers Gary and Steve let me know that Le Crepe Shoppe at 15 W. Guiterrez St (next to SB RoCo and Chocolate Maya) has closed. The eatery opened during April, 2011. A sign in the window says “Soon to open. Chocolate Maya Chocolate Lounge.”

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Hence the Chocolate Lounge (same owners). We hope they don’t keep Italian hours like they did at the crepe shoppe. Love Maya’s chocolate..good luck!

  2. Glenn says:

    The owner was nice when I went and the niece of the Chocolate Maya owner and they shared a kitchen in the back so seems like a good fit!

  3. Laura says:

    We loved Le Crepe Shoppe and are sorry to see it gone but we just found Cafe Equilibrium in Isla Vista (on Pardall near the former IV Bookstore) and are delighted to have a creperie near Goleta with delicious crepes as substantial as breakfast burritos (no exaggeration), nice ambience, and a little urban feel. Cafe Equilibrium has espresso, ice cream, and two crepe makers for those who were frustrated with Le Crepe Shoppe’s one.

  4. Glenn says:

    Good call Laura, park next to the bookstore after 5 for the non students. There is Pacific Crepes though also, I have yet to try it myself.

  5. Morgan Smith says:

    I am sad to find out that le crepe shoppe is now close but I am grateful and willing have an open armed to welcome soon to open Chocolate Maya Chocolate Lounge. Pretty much excited for its launching and its kind of services offered 🙂 .

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