I went from New York City right to Yosemite then to Sequoia. The Restaurant Gal and I successfully hiked to the top of Half Dome (18 miles, 15 hours for the route we took). I hope to restart the blog next week when I return.

20120823-135532.jpg 20120823-135550.jpg

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  1. PamSB says:

    John: You found the RIGHT wife (who else would do that with you??!!). GREAT picture…photographer in helicopter?

    • Glenn says:

      I think its called “The Visor” on Half Dome and I believe others can get a shot of it from back a bit. This is NOT something I would do. I would be afraid I would sneeze or something and lose my balance!

      • Chaz says:

        You’re correct, Glenn.

        John and the “Restaurant Gal” are standing on ‘The Visor,’ a rock ledge that is often incorrectly called ‘The Diving Board.’ The diving board is the large platform located to the right and below the summit of Half Dome when viewed from the valley floor.

        Photos of folks standing on The Visor are taken from another nail-biting location a few hundred feet away where the summit curves around allowing for this view of “air” and rock wall in front of you.

        The summit of Half Dome is 8842′ above sea level and 4800′ (nearly a mile) straight down to the valley floor where the Restaurant Guy/Gal are perched.

        • Chaz says:

          They almost did!

          In 1875 Scottish sailor and mountaineer George Anderson became the first person to successfully visit the summit after drilling holes in the rock face and inserting bolts and rope at a location very near the existing cable route.

          John Muir followed Anderson a week or so later and wrote several accounts of their “summiting.”

          After creating the route to the summit, Anderson launched plans (never realized) to establish a hotel nearby (probably at Little Yosemite Valley) and lead paid guided tours to the summit, complete with a crude “picnic lunch.”

        • Glenn says:

          Feelin’ the love SL!

  2. Chaz says:

    Congrats for the Half Dome summit! Stood where you are in Oct. 2009. Took helmet cam video of my descent down the cables. Link:

  3. JSA says:

    Cool. Wondered where you’d been after the last NYC update!

  4. Charlotte says:

    Crickets……we miss you John! Please come home and do that Voodoo that you do so well.

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