Writer Ben Smithwick at the Santa Barbara News-Press is reporting today that five members of the city Architectural Board of Review delayed approving a revised landscaping plan for Chick-Fil-A which is planning to open at 3707 State St., the former home of Burger King. The issue will be reconsidered in two weeks.

Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy’s remarks on gay marriage have sparked a national controversy and Smithwick reports that board members Gary Mosel and Keith Rivera said they were unable to judge the project objectively because of their personal beliefs. Board members Stephanie Poole, Kirk Gradin, and Christopher Gilliland also abstained from approving the plan.

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41 Responses to CHICK-DEL-AY

  1. Nancy says:

    So are they going to do their job or not?

  2. RexOfSB says:

    Oh, I think they’ve done their job just fine! Discrimination is not a Santa Barbara value. This has nothing to do with the personal opinion of the Chick-Fil-A owner, either. It’s about the fact that he gives MILLIONS of $$$ a year to hate-based organizations whose only goal is to fight gay marriage. Would city planners cooperate with the KKK? I think not. This is no different.

    • WM says:

      Sorry but this is one of the most ignorant posts I’ve read in a long time. So SB City leaders should be able to ban all businesses that don’t equate with your personal views or values? Perhaps you could also elighten me on what discrimination has taken place at Chick-Fil-A. Spare me the summary of what their owner believes, I’m talking about actual discrimination at the restaurants themselves.

      Its a very slippery slope you advocate for here. If government officials were allowed to ban businesses based on their moral and political views, the old South would still be alive and kicking. Thankfully the Constitution does not agree with your ignornant view of the world. If you don’t like the corporate beliefs, don’t give them your business, but you certainly don’t ban them for practicing free speech.

  3. Too Scared to Voice Opinon in SB says:

    So, RexofSB equates the opinion of an opposition to gay marriage with the KKK. I suppose at least he didn’t jump the shark right away with the typical “they’re just like Nazis” argument. After all, I’m sure in his mind, being opposed to gay marriage is just like being in favor of lynchings. And the act of discrimination is, of course, only when one opines to not support gay marriages – it’s never an act of discrimination for people like ResofSB when they beat down the free opinion of those who may not agree with gay marriages. And when exactly did the City’s ABofR’s examination of a landscaping (!?) plan mean that they can arbitrarily delay a company’s properly filed plans simply because the members don’t agree with the personal (yes, personal) opinion of an employee of the company making the filing. Did they ask the other employees of the company for their opinion? I guess with future ABofR plan submissions, the plans will need to also list how the company’s owners and employees PERSONALLY feel about things like stem-cell research, abortion and off-shore oil drilling just so the esteemed members of the ABofR won’t have to waste their time when their (the filing company and their employees) personal opinions may offend the members’ delicate sensibilities so much that they will just pin the approval or disapproval of the plans on those personal feelings rather than on the merits of the plans themselves. Or better yet, will these esteemed members of the ABofR simply publish what exactly THEIR personal opinions are on those and other issues just so everyone will know ahead of time that their proposed plan submissions will never be approved because their personal opinions differ from apparently the only acceptable ones to have in Santa Barbara (those of the members of the ABofR) if you want to, you know, give your plans even a fair chance at review in the first place.

  4. FOTOMATT says:

    The Chick-Fil-A issue aside; Does it bother anyone that the city of SB has this many people on the payroll for what? Reviewing landscaping plans around a fast food restaurant! No wonder it takes places up to a year to open in this town.

  5. MAXIM says:

    If discrimination is not a Santa Barbara value, why are they deciding to discriminate against the owner of Chick-Fil-A? If cities and planning commissions start making decisions based upon an owners opinion, where will it end? You can’t build here because of your religion, you can’t build here because you’re not a democrat, you can’t build here because you don’t think like us, you can’t build here because you’re not young enough, you can’t build here because you’re not PC, you can’t build here because of your nationality, you can’t build here because you don’t have a college degree, you can’t build here because you smoke…………… We live in America where we have the right to have our own beliefs, not communist Russia where they tell you what’s appropriate to think. I love the gay community, but I believe that marriage was ordained by God to be for a man and a woman. They seem to reject the bible and yet want the very institution that is promoted by God in the bible. If the gay community wants to sanction their relationships, let them call their union something else. The government should stay out of personal marriage decisions. The case in point illustrates why.

    • Tom says:

      You love the gay community but want to discriminate against them (don’t kid yourself into thinking otherwise).

      Civil marriage is a civil matter, and your or anyone’s religious interpretation of the word is irrelevant. Christians do not own and did not invent the word or the concept of marriage.

      Your logic is bad and you should feel bad.

      • Chris says:

        Tom, you and Rex should go protest the fact that SB has Catholic Churches in town. It is really unbelievable that this town has allowed soooo much discrimination.

    • Anonymoose says:

      Maxim, you are an idiot. Despite that obvious observation I agree that the ABOR has no place using it authority to block a business based on it’s owners beliefs. If they wanted to erect a 30 foot chicken on top of their building than by all means flex your muscle. If their plans are within the limits of SB regulations than grant their permits and then don’t eat there if you don’t like the owners view. They have great chicken nuggets, btw, but using a corporate identity to broadcast political/religious views is pretty dumb.

    • Bob says:

      Loving the references to Russia in this thread. What year is this? 1983?

    • Lily says:

      “I believe that marriage was ordained by God to be for a man and a woman.”

      The key word here is “I”. That’s what you believe and not what others believe. Marriage has long been part of human culture before the existence of Abrahamic religions. Using your logic, millions of man and woman are also not married since they didn’t enter into an institution promoted by your bible. Let them call their union something else? Why does that bother you? Marriage is a legal contract with certain rights and protection granted by the state. The sex of the two consenting adults enter into the contract has little effect on how the state will grant those rights and protections. Its funny how you start the paragraph praising that we live in a free country, yet won’t let others to live their life free of the bible.

  6. Dave says:

    The board members should be fired if they can’t judge the project objectively. That’s their job.

  7. Frankielee says:

    This is all obviously evidence of a Great Liberal Conspiracy against conservatives and I’m surprised no one else has condemned it. Here’s how the plot plays out: Liberals provoke gay marriage-disapproving conservatives (via the lamestream media) into publicly showing their support for Chick Fil-A by lining up to eat their deep-fried goodies every day — 20 years from now, that sound you’re hearing will be the popping of conservative arteries as the buildup of fat and cholesterol finally takes its toll. Damn, those liberals are devious.

  8. MAXIM says:

    Hey Tom

    That’s right! A civil union is a civil matter. (civil—civilian)

    Don’t attempt to attribute religious/biblical tenants to a civil union.

    You are discriminating against me and my beliefs.

    Your logic is bad and you should feel bad.

    • Tom says:

      You really don’t know how to use a reply button?

      Your logic is still flawed. A religious marriage is only a matter for whatever church or institution wants to grant it, it’s meaningless in the eyes of the law. A marriage does not have to include any bit of religion to it to be valid. You simply don’t seem to grasp the very concept.

      No one is discriminating against your beliefs. You don’t want gay marriage, don’t get gay married. No one is going to or wants to force your church to do it. If you want to relabel all legally recognized partnerships as civil unions, that’s another conversation. And a valid one. But as long as we use the word marriage for legal marriages, it’s discrimination to deny them to some based solely on an immutable characteristic.

      When you understand the concepts of the argument we’re having in full you can reply again. If you can find the button.

  9. EYEROLL says:

    The fact that an architectural board should even consider a business owner’s personal beliefs in approving their presence in SB is STUPID. It is discrimination any way you slice it. Chick Fil A doesn’t erect enormous crosses on their building, they don’t tack up Bible verses on their exterior walls, and they don’t proselytize to their customers. It is hardly a controversial company. The truth of the matter is Chick Fil A is delicious and people will drive from all over to visit and purchase their sandwiches, nuggets, what have you (if you don’t believe me, do the research). It is GOOD for SB to attract businesses and consumers. It is BAD to mix politics and business. Architectural board – get off your moral high ground, pull your heads out of your crevices, and do your job correctly – analyze your little landscaping plans and design places and get over yourselves.

    • sygyzy says:

      You just couldn’t help yourself there, could you? You were doing pretty well until you found a way to attack religion/churches. Chick Fil A is a good company because they are not a church? And they are not a controversial company, yet they’ve been in the news for the past two weeks? You need to be honest with your views. What’s funny is I agree with the sentiment here, that the ABR has no business discriminating against Chick Fil A, but people like you make the message less effective.

      • Lily says:

        As much as I support equal rights for gays, I also agree that ABR has no authority to prevent Chick Fil A from opening. Chick Fil A is delicious? Now, we just have agree to disagree.

  10. Dianne says:

    The ABR is a study in arrogance.

  11. Amanda says:

    I try to avoid thinking about their political beliefs and focus on their food– mm, waffle fries!

  12. Sam says:

    All ABR members without the “nuggets” to do their job should be fired immediately. Admitting inability to judge objectively because of personal beliefs should be tantamount to submitting your resignation. Get over yourselves or get out of the way. Who do these people report to?

  13. Sam says:

    Additionally, if I was the proposed franchisee waiting to open, I would sue the living daylights out of the City for any damages caused by this delay.

  14. VW says:

    1. Chik Fil A is delicious.
    2. They should be able to build here. The personal beliefs of the owner of the company should not be a factor.
    3. They are a factor in my decision to eat there. So despite (1) above, I will reluctantly choose not to. So will most of the people I know.

  15. Tami Lis says:

    Some city planners can’t judge a project objectively because of their PERSONAL beliefs?? Seriously? Where in their job description does it say that their personal beliefs is the criteria by which city projects should be judged? If the job description is well written it probably has the phrases “regardless of personal beliefs” and “benefits the community” included more than once.

    Jimminy Christmas…this has to be explained to Adults?? And these ‘adults’ are making decisions for the entire city? It’s preposterous.

  16. Glenn says:

    It looks like there are seven people, apparently appointed that serve for 4 years. Primarily they were formed to ensure SB had Spanish flavor originally. I don’t think that political views should be included in their decisions. BK had a little bit of grass and some flowers. Looks like they are trying to make a political statement…

  17. Andy says:

    I’m going to be selfish and say I don’t really care what the ABR’s reasons are, I just approve of their actions as Chick-fil-A is absolutely not delicious.

    I hope the franchise owner gives up and goes somewhere else. we don’t need more disgusting fast food in this town.

    • Chris says:

      but we do need jobs and businesses to fill open dead space buildings. but nice try with your spin there…

      • Andy says:

        last I checked, there was an equally bad for you fast-food joint there that seems to have only vacated for Chick-fil-A to move in.

        if you ask me, BK at least tastes better than CFA, and honestly that isn’t saying much at all.

        not safe for work –

        see #3.

        sorry if my selfish hate for CFA has nothing to do with this mess their retarded CEO created for themselves, but you can call that spin if you want.

        • Glenn says:

          I wonder what kind of sandwich thebestpage guy likes??

        • Chris says:

          no, the spin was that you said that you approve the ABR’s decision because you wanted to prevent disgusting fast food in this town, yet you finally admitted the real reason is because you disagree with the CEO “retarded” remarks. that’s what I was saying.

          btw, BK was on the decline because it tasted worse than McDs, Habit, In N Out, Carls Jr, etc. CFA actually would provide a slightly diverse product and would probably succeed (no other Chicken fast food here like KFC, etc.) IF the city can stop acting like socialists.

  18. Christine! says:

    ridiculous- its a damn fast food restaurant- I have no idea what the owners of Payless Shoes think, what the owners of Tampax think, what the owners of the Apple Field in Solvang think- yet I shop their stores/buy their products.

    Chik fil A- good luck to you!

  19. Danny says:

    Delicious? This is still fast food people. Drive from all over to eat fast food! Yeah right!

  20. Glenn says:

    Drove by today and green fence around the whole property. One thing that maybe only I think about is that this was the only Burger King for 120,000 people and now its closed. Compared to the number of other fast food places in town surprising.

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