The “5 guys take same photo for 30 years” story continues to go viral around the world including all over Europe and Asia. I did a couple of live interviews on CNN last Friday. It was the #2 story (after the Olympics) on the home page most of last weekend. People have even started creating Youtube videos about it. I have been swamped with so many messages I can’t even read them all. Here are a few samples of the emails heading our way:

  • “Hello John, I’m a photo editor with Yahoo. I hope this email finds you well. I am interested in showcasing your Five Year Photo project and was hoping to get permissions to feature photos from the project on our site, with potential to feature on our international sites as well. Please let me know and feel free to reach out any questions. Thank you again, and looking forward!”
  • Hi John, I work for CNN and am very interested in writing a piece on the story of you and your friends’ five year photo. If you have the time, could we speak over the phone for an interview? Also, if I could have the contact info of one or two of the other members, that would be great as well!”
  • “Hi John, We loved – loved! – reading about your 5 Year Photos and would like to have you on the air to discuss! Could you possibly do a phone interview this coming Mon 30th, Tues 31st or Wed 1st at 11:30am ET – 8:30am PT About 10 minutes. Many thanks for your consideration and all the best from TC. The Michael Smerconish Program is a nationally syndicated radio show heard throughout the country. Michael is also an MSNBC political analyst and writes a Sunday column for the Philadelphia Inquirer.”
  • “Hi all! I’m contacting you from the CBS daytime talk show, “The Doctors.” I came across your photo set on and thought it was a great idea. We’d love to get the rights to possibly use it on an upcoming show! I have attached a materials license agreement that would just need to be signed and dated by each person in the photos. However, I don’t have the emails of John Molony or Mark Rumer. If anyone has their emails or would like to forward this to them that would be great! Cool idea, guys! I hope we can get it on our show.”
  • “Hi John, I am the associate editor of the Huff/Post50, the section of the Huffington Post that deals with life after 50. We ran across the story of you and your friends photo tradition and would love to feature it on our page today. Would we be able to pull your photos for a slideshow on our page? What does having these photos mean to you and your friends? I appreciate your time and help.”
  • Message to John Wardlaw (the guy on the left): “Hi John, I’m currently on tour getting ready to play a gig in St. Augustine, Florida and was just online reading an article about you and your buddies getting together every five years. Nice to see you wearing a Drama shirt in 2002 and 2012 – very cool! All the best, Chris Squire (bass player – Yes)
  • “Hi John, We’d like to run the 6 photos of you and your friends in a gallery on I just wanted to confirm it would be OK to use the photos. We’d be happy to link back to your site. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.”
  • “Hello John, i just saw your marvellous photos and would like to write a story about you and your longtime friends. I am editor at SPIEGEL ONLINE, Germanys biggest an most influential news-website. Would you give us permission to use some of your photos to accompany that article on our website?”
  • “Hi John- The U.K.’s Daily Mail Online saw your Five Year Photo series with your group of friends and we would love to cover it. Would it be possible to get permission to publish the series. We can credit how you see fit and even link back to the website. Please let me know if you have any questions, and I look forward to your response.”
  • “Hi John, I’m a photo editor for Would we be able to use your set of ‘Five Year Photos’ images on our site? We would give you attribution and link back to or whichever site you prefer. I’m on deadline so I hope to hear from you asap. Thank you!”
  • “Hi, Aftonbladet, Sweden´s biggest daily newspaper like to publish the pictures of you and your friends. Do you have them in hi-res? Bildredaktör/Picture Editor”
  • “Hey! I saw your picture of your 5 year picture on You’re a very sexy man there. Please don’t think me forward, but . . um… are you single? Oh, and gay. That would make things a WHOLE lot easier on my part. And well, your part too I would assume. Yes, being gay would be helpful – but not a deal breaker in any sense. Nope, not a deal breaker. “

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9 Responses to OFF TOPIC

  1. Huyen says:

    best line ever ” Yes, being gay would be helpful – but not a deal breaker in any sense. Nope, not a deal breaker. “

  2. lemonjelly says:

    This is all kinds of awesome.

  3. Chris says:

    The Restaurant Gal just married a celebrity overnight.

  4. Bob says:

    No kidding. Remember the little people John.

    • John Dickson says:

      We all know that this whole thing will be forgotten VERY quickly. It’s just a flash in the pan news story so the 5 guys from Santa Barbara are not taking it seriously and just having fun while it lasts. 🙂

  5. Rebecca Brand says:

    Wow, what a door of opportunity. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy!

  6. Erica S. says:

    This is awesome–both the photo idea and the fact that it’s going viral! But by thew way, if the “Norway” comment is referring to the picture of the newspaper, shouldn’t it be “Switzerland,” as the newspaper is written in German and shows the weather for Zurich and the map of Switzerland?

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