Reader Matt tells me that In-N-Out Burger might soon have a new neighbor:

Hello, I have seen a Notice of Proposed Development sign on the corner of Turnpike and Calle Real. It mentions that a McDonalds is going in there. Just wanted to make mention of it in case you were unaware.

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25 Responses to NEW GOLETA MICKEY D’S?

  1. Glenn says:

    Guess that’s if you don’t want to wait in the In N Out line. Of course the advice is to stay in that line..

  2. Spank13 says:

    The last thing they need over there is a McD’s, preying on the high school kids. I hope it fails miserably. I’m all for free enterprise, there are just better options…

    • sygyzy says:

      I don’t think you understand what the words “free enterprise” and “options” means.

      • spank13 says:

        However I do understand what a troll is…

        Did I say we should start a petition to ban the building of the McD’s? No. I said I hope they fail. They won a bid on the spot. Good for them.

        And yes there are alternative food chains out there, unless you think McD’s is best in class…

        • sygyzy says:

          I’m a troll now? Give me a break. Good for them for opening a business? Shame on them for “preying on high school kids” (what does this even mean)? You’re for free enterprise, except when it’s from a restaurant you dislike? Which is it spanky?

          And what does your last sentence have to do with anything? I know there are alternative restaurants. No, I don’t think McD is best in class.

          What a tool.

    • Scott says:

      Somewhere else for the kids to loiter other then infront of Vons or at In n Out would be nice as well.

  3. Cris says:

    Makes perfect sense from McDonald’s standpoint, right along the freeway to attract passer-byers.

  4. kaylee says:

    It seems like there are enough McDonalds already.

  5. Krista and Tony says:

    Wonder if they’ll be allowed a drive thru? The Big Box one doesn’t have one and the plan for its installation is absurd so it probably never will. I also remember that Jack-in-the-box wanted to put a Box out on Patterson just off the freeway but the no-new-drive-thru thing was a deal breaker.

    • Glenn says:

      Was that a Goleta ordinance? I think you are talking about the one next to Home Depot right? Turnpike is in neither Goleta nor SB I think so maybe not an issue? Maybe somebody knows.

  6. Marcia says:

    I wanted a drive-thru Starbucks. Oh, well.

  7. Charlotte says:

    It’s considered County, so they may have their drive-thru.

  8. jjj says:

    This can not be a smart move from McDonalds…….Do they really think that they can take business away from In N Out?

    • Glenn says:

      You know people coming North don’t really see the In N Out sign until they are past Turnpike I believe. This one will be right next to IHOP and people will see the sign and get off(esp if they have kids that want a McNugget and a toy). But I agree, people in the know would go to In N Out instead. Those not in the know will see it as they get back on the freeway with a Doh!

      • jjj says:

        I don’ t think its a matter of “in the know”

        In N Out is known country wide.

        May even backfire more for Mickey D’s if their sign is what draws people to get off the freeway and eat and they end up at In N Out.

        • Glenn says:

          Looking at google maps once you get off the freeway you can see the sign so you are right there. “In the Know” referred to knowing an IN N Out was located there or not going northbound.

  9. Jill says:

    There is a drive-thru proposed at Turnpike & Calle Real. Traffic at this intersection is a nightmare mornings and evenings and the signal lights are really messed up. Traffic turning right off the southbound 101 already stacks up there most days and that’s going to get so much worse with a McDonalds right there. I feel for the neighborhoods around there. BTW, Camino Real shopping center was in County jurisdiction when it got permitted, without a drive-thru McDonalds.

  10. Jay says:

    Love Mc Donalds, Breakfast, coffee, etc. Cant wait !!!!

  11. Christine says:

    I find it interesting that in this crazy economy, where the Big Yellow House (and other local treasures) has sat vacant for years without tenants right next to wealthy Montecito – we can have Huge Corporation McDonalds shoving another eatery of crap food down our throats. And one with a drive-thru as well, at a crazy intersection?!? I thought years ago it was tough for In N Out to open because of the neighbors and the drive-thru restriction. Do those neighbors not care any longer? No more fight left in them?

    What about the rest of us, Santa Barbara? How many McDonalds will we allow in our small town? They compete against our local businesses and serve junk. Is this really what we want?

  12. Bob says:

    I’m not sure if it was intentional, but I laughed at this, starting with, “McDonalds lost me…”

    My all-time favorite comment regarding McDonald’s was an old Sam Kinison bit mimicking a corporate meeting about the McRib sandwich, “Let’s see if we can get ’em to eat sh** on f**ing bread.”

  13. RS says:

    Yeah, I live about 2 blocks from that area, I agree with Jill, I drive it every freakin’ day. People are loons between 7:15am noon 4:30-6:00pm on, they’re in a hurry trying to get to where ever they’re going, school, work, etc. I for one would vote a NO on anything that would bring more, cars, people into this area. If I leave a 7:15am, I end up having to take the back way to work, which is one other side of Montecito. I cannot get to fwy because the lights aren’t working in sinc. SO, I SAY NO TO MICKEY D’S, STARBUCKS, ETC !!!

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