This suggestion from reader Mike

Hey John,

You want a Big Mac for a dollar any day of the week? Just order a McDouble, no ketchup or mustard, add shredded lettuce and mac sauce. A Big Mac for a buck,  every time.

– Mike

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4 Responses to BUILD-A-BURGER

  1. dmo says:

    Oh honestly! McDonalds???
    I can’t believe anyone still eats there – with so many other options…

  2. Glenn says:

    Call me crazy but had to try this for Mike! Not bad, the McDouble is basically a double cheeseburger($1.10) but with only one slice of cheese and goes for about exactly a $1 compared to a $4 Big Mac. The Big Mac has a middle bun and bigger top I think but its just a bit more bread. I think those I saw in the McD(students and families) would appreciate something like this but should watch a movie like “Food, Inc.” before making McD a habit.

  3. Glenn says:

    Its fun telling people you go to McDonalds because they always give you that look like,
    “Oh I didn’t know I was better than you”
    -Jim Gaffigan

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