This just in from Santa Barbara Ice & Propane owner Erick Crocker:

Hi John,

My name is Erick.  I recently read one of the postings on your site and I wanted to respond.  I am responding to “Beer Bummer” and Santa Barbara Ice no longer selling kegs.

In March I took over the recently vacated Santa Barbara Ice location and started Santa Barbara Ice & Propane.  Too my disappointment, I was not able to transfer the existing beer and wine license, however, that did not stop me from doing my best to provide Santa Barbara locals with ice cold kegs.

I purchased a beer and wine license and am in the process of taking my license from escrow to active.  Of course a portion of the process still lies ahead, but I am hoping to be selling kegs 30-45 days from now.  I am also refunding keg deposits of $30 dollars to anyone who wants to support SB Ice & Propane once we get our beer sales under way.

I encourage anyone to come see me and give me their thoughts on keg selections so I can stock their favorite kegs right away.  If it’s not too much trouble please advise SB locals that SB Ice & Propane is in the process of finalizing and activating it’s beer and wine license and will be selling ice cold kegs soon!!  We also have great prices on ICE, JOCKEY BOX RENTALS, CO2 TANK REFILLS, PROPANE, BALLOONS, AND MORE.

And please clarify that we currently are accepting $30 refunds for keg deposits and there must have been a misunderstanding.  Anyone looking for shell deposit refunds should come see me (Erick) at SB Ice & Propane or email me at, or call me at 805-335-2500 (office).  Thank you, and I very much enjoy your site.


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  1. Sam says:

    That is great news! Congrats and well done taking on the task of transferring the ABC license. On another note, will you be able to fill the SodaStream CO2 canisters?

  2. Glenn says:

    Speakin of ICE Update when the is the ice rink going to be done? I don’t see any progress.

  3. Glenn says:

    Someone said that the hotel or whatever it is may start across the street from the new Bank soon. All I see there are crickets too. More Lemon pie please! Actually I don’t mind, the traffic will increase at that intersection painfully.

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