This just in from Denise Allec, representative of Peabody’s Bar & Grill at 1198 Coast Village Rd:

(Montecito, CA)  Peabody’s Bar & Grill, 1198 Coast Village Road, is changing hands and will be closed temporarily for repairs and renovations.

“We wish to thank and acknowledge the long-running community support, our loyal customers, and the dedication and contributions of our employees, some having worked at Peabody’s for many years,” said Tammy DeMatteo, long-time owner.

The restaurant will re-open under the new owner later in 2012.

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4 Responses to PEABODY’S UPDATE

  1. Papa John says:

    Not that I head to Montecito all that often, but Peabody’s was the only place on CVR to which I felt comfortable taking my 5 year-old. I hope the new version is just as family friendly.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Now that’s how you close a restaurant, with class and clarity! The owner thanked everyone throughout the years…there was closure. I think this is the problem that some people are having with how Emilio’s is closing! There hasn’t been any proper closure from the owner to the public.

  3. Justine says:

    Wow–I’m glad I ducked in last Tuesday for a quick lunch. Hadn’t been there for a while and now have a recent memory to savor. The burger was juicy and good, the bleu cheese dressing for my salad was super fresh and deliciously full of chunky bleu cheese, and when I let the server know I had limited time, she was very prompt at getting my food and bill. Was in and out in about 20 min! I hope it doesn’t change much under new owner.

  4. Debbie Green says:

    Boo hop! I missed the Closing Party.
    Had to duck under chain and walk right in and almost sat down outside with Daisy and Lollypop right beside me! We would have still been sitting there if Lolly hadn’t jumped off her chair and went straight in the open door to see where in the world her sliders weren’t coming out!
    This is not closure, Tammy! End of an era.
    Who bought the place and when in 2012 do they predict a reopening?
    Starving in Paradise.
    Debbie Green rates Peabody’s a 10 on my ten scale.
    Anybody, shine sum light on this urban legend’s reopening. I definately don’t want to miss this as well, and hope it is any day now. Us I’m starving

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