Reader Chris tells me that Mel’s Lounge now serves food:


I just had a delicious bowl of pozole (red, chicken) today at Mel’s lounge at 209 W. Carrillo St. I was actually going to the Cuernavaca, but after parking found that Cuernavaca is closed on Tuesdays. But i noticed tables and a lunch sign outside Mel’s (!) next door, and decided to give it a whirl — I was hungry and didn’t have time to go elsewhere anyway.

It was very nice, the pozole was delicious. The menu is limited but there is plenty to choose from, incl. appetizers, burger, BLT, the usual Mexican dishes for lunch, a few salads, and the pozole and mole, too. They also have a variety of breakfast options incl. huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, chilaquiles and more. The server told me that the chef used to work at Los Agaves, Los Arroyos, and Carlitos.

They serve from 11 am to 5:00 pm.  805-450-8519


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8 Responses to LUNCH AT MEL’S

  1. geri says:

    I was there also (this afternoon) and noticed Mel’s Mexican menu.

  2. Steve says:

    They’ve been serving food for several months at least.

  3. Nick says:

    They also take the Axxess Card!

  4. Milo says:

    Great, let’s eat at a dive bar.

  5. Mel’s hasn’t been a dive bar since it reopened in the new location. It’s actually a lovely spot, and we had food there soon after they opened. I guess they’ve just expanded the menu. It does seem a little weird to consider having breakfast there…

  6. Glenn says:

    Yeah I pinged John on it awhile back when I saw it on Axxess. If John has a SB area hot dog stand or ice cream truck then he should have a place like this in the guide but he’s a one man show and its hard for him to add everything. Other places I’ve pinged John on are Twincups in goleta, some mexican market/grill type places in SB and Carp and adding more SY Valley places. He seems to add the higher profile ones eventually when he has time.

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