I am sad to report that Bitterman’s Deli at 5 W. Canon Perdido has closed. On the bright side, I am happy to report that Blue Owl (currently open late night at Zen Yai) will be taking over the space to serve breakfast and brunch. For details read Santa Barbara Independent food editor George Yatchisin’s story about Blue Owl’s new home.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Well I’ve never been to Bitterman’s, although I heard that have cool sandwiches with names relating to Seinfield. I’m excited to finally be able to try Blue Owl though. I don’t go downtown late enough to try them during their night-time hours.

  2. Chris says:

    So, who is having the late night service then? Either?

    • Cindy says:

      Late night will stay exactly as is at Zen Yai. Two locations and two very different menus. The Blue Owl at Canon Perdido will focus on affordable and healthy breakfasts and lunches. I am really excited. Change is good!!

  3. lemonjelly says:

    I hadn’t been to Bitterman’s since Seinfield ended, but RIP.
    Yay to Blue Owl moving in, though! Porducken, all the way.

  4. dmo says:

    Congratulations to Blue Owl – Cindy is an amazing chef who deserves a prime spot.
    I had her food once at the Mercury Lounge and loved every bite…

  5. Charlotte says:

    They serve food at The Merc.?

  6. Lily says:

    I will finally get to try Blue Owl. SB really lacks this type of low key casual eatery that serves unique fusion food.

  7. David says:

    Does the Blue Owl menu/theme really translate to breakfast items?

  8. Todd Katz says:

    My wife & I went there for lunch once. It was terrible and I said as much in a Yelp review several years ago. The original owners were long gone. Santa Barbara do better, not bitter. Try Norton’s for great pastrami.

  9. Ben Feld says:

    I was the original owner who opened Bittermans in 1993. Sold it in the late 90s. Just found out the news this week and sad to see it’s demise. Despite the decline of quality over the years, the place was essentially the same as the day it opened almost 20 years ago. Lots of memories for me and all the people I met there. Hopefully, it left a good impression and memory on this town of a niche it filled for a long time. RIP Bittermans.

    Ben Feld

  10. JL says:

    Bitterman’s was an AWESOME sandwich shop. The owners were so friendly and welcoming. You are an ass.

    • Save the Deli says:

      No, JL. SL is right. Bitterman’s was gross and NOT a deli. Obviously you don’t know deli. Try Bren’t in Westlake or Canter’s in LA then come back and tell us how Bitterman’s compared.

  11. Z-man says:

    I went there a few times in its early years and thought it was OK, if not great. I’m originally from the east coast so maybe am hard to please re delis, deli prices, expected portions and so on. Although a fan of Seinfeld in its time, as a restaurant “concept,” it seemed a bit lame. My daughter goes to current Bitterman’s for lunch and seems to like it well enough. When I first moved here 20 + years ago, there was a deli in El Mercado–don’t recall the name–that was quite decent.

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