Arlington Tavern has opened at 21 W. Victoria St (formerly Epiphany). Here is a message about it from owner Ron True:

Hi John,

The opening of Arlington Tavern is a dream come true and couldn’t be in a better place. The building is where I started my career back in 88 when it was Soho restaurant working for Nancy Weiss. I left Santa Barbara in 91 to pursue a career in culinary after traveling and cooking in different cities SF/ NYC/ Philly/ and France. When I came to santa Barbara in 06 I returned to the building which was then Epiphany restaurant this is where I met friend and business partner Diego Barbieri. After several years of trying we were finally able to open a restaurant together with the help of my long time friends Skye McGinnes- Skyeline construction, Trevor Zellet- Bellavista Designs and Cody French.

Arlington Tavern is open 5pm to 10pm in the restaurant and 5pm to midnight in the bar. We offer a bar menu for snacks for those remaining 2 hours. We have our last seating in the restaurant at 9:30 and last call at 11:30, we have a beer & wine license only but have the intention of getting a full liquor in the future.

The food is best described as New American/ farm fresh. We buy most of our produce from the farmers market and fish from Santa Barbara fish market. I try and as much as I can locally

Ron True
Arlington Tavern

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Always have loved that space, never got Epiphany though…. I guess I was never cool enough. Can’t wait to check out A.T. Menu?? Good luck y’all!

  2. If Arlington Tavern doesn’t make it, it won’t be because of the food. We sampled the chopped liver appetizer, the beet salad, and the short ribs and they were as good as it gets. The warm chocolate brownie ala mode was also a delicious suprise. The waiter, a tall, very skillful, young man has customer service down to a fine science. We’ll definitely be back!

  3. Jim Barnett says:

    Great restaurant, love the food, staff and ambience. Everything we tried was delicious and I can’t wait to go back.

  4. Nathaniel Palmer says:

    As a native Santa Barbarian since removed but returning whenever I can, I have dined at every restaurant to occupy this space since Soho. I was first introduced to Ron True’s prodigious culinary talent at Soho and can’t wait to sample the menu at Arlington Tavern. I know it will be an unforgettable dining experience, and my only hope I can still get seated by the time I arrive — I have a feeling this is going to soon be the hottest place in town!

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