I received this message today from Richard Payatt, owner of several local Taco Bell restaurants:


This is to let our wonderful and faithful customers know that after forty years at the same location, Taco Bell at 2912 De La Vina will be… closing. Our lease on the property is up, but all of our employees will be moving to either our Taco Bell at 3771 State Street (a mere mile away) or to Taco Bell on the Mesa, at 1840 Cliff Drive. So don’t worry, we will all still be there for you with the same smiles, and the same uncanny memory for those special orders for our regulars.

Our last day on De La Vina will be May 1st. As of May 2nd… come and see us at State Street or the Mesa. Thanks for all of the delightful years of memories on De La Vina.

We look forward to seeing everyone at our other locations soon!

Richard Payatt

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  1. Lily says:

    I don’t know why anyone would ever eat Taco Bell here considering so many taqueria serve authentic tacos for under $2 each.

    • Nancy says:

      because its’ a free country, AND we humans have free will? Is that good enough for you?

      • Lily says:

        Of course we have free will, but that doesn’t explain people choose a lesser quality item and possibly pay more at the same time. I moved from a place where they try to pass off taco bell as Mexican food and people don’t know any better, so I am just very happy that I finally got to taste some authentic flavor of Mexico.

  2. Ruston says:

    I visit taco bell de la vina frequently and bummed it is going to disappear. I have never experienced rude employees there.

  3. Suzie Q says:

    Sorry , but is this seriously restaurant/dining news?

  4. Nancy Curtis says:

    The reason I eat a burrito at Taco Bell is because they don’t make it so humongus!! Ate at a mexican restaurant in Petaluma and they offered mini burritos, it was just the right size for me. Wake up Cucas!!

    • Yvonne says:

      Small burritos are a Northern California thing, and the huge monster burritos are a Southern California thing. I’m from the Bay Area, and don’t get how one could not be grossed out by a giant pile of rice and beans + a bit of something else in a flour tortilla.

  5. Jeff says:

    this location does have the rudest employee’s, I’ll second that. The one on the mesa is much better.

  6. BDB says:

    Anyone who chooses to eat at Taco Bell gets exactly what they deserve…

    • Glenn says:

      Agree with both of you, that location was probably the worst Taco Bell I’ve ever been to but sometimes you crave them, we are only human. Though the reward is usually a quick trip to the bano! Hey better than prunes!

  7. Ed says:

    I did hear that the doritos taco loco is pretty good =)

  8. Glenn says:

    Did you say something bad?

  9. Glenn says:

    Now I’m curious…and just what is SL supposed to do if you say all the truthful stuff?

  10. stdarkstar says:

    Censorship sucks, especially of honest reviews.

  11. Glenn says:

    John has to protect himself from the owners in a constant battle to make sure they are not trashed in an abusive way while still keeping honest reviews out there so maybe what you said crossed that boundary (or in this case border?).

  12. Glenn says:

    Yes, I had been there and as I said was probably the worst one I had ever been to(def worst in SB area as I’ve been to all the other ones). So I guess there is a REASON they are closing as SL said there are better ones in town.

  13. Charlotte says:

    The Taco Bells out in Goleta are very friendly (to EVERYONE!) My kids love Taco Bell, hey, it’s better than Mc Donald’s! The Fairview/ Old Town location was my first job at 15 (back when teenagers worked). That Taco Bell was always packed! And we actually made everything onsite, every morning. Of course there were only about 10 items on the entire menu. Good times!!

  14. Glenn says:

    Yeah that’s the one closest to work that I go to. It used to be kind of bad(broken taco shells etc) and even forced me to go to the one on North Fairview(a very nice one) and brave the dreaded Calle Real Fairview light but its gotten better, I try to limit my trips there to better experience SB food culture(the point of this guide!) instead of fast food culture but sometimes you just crave some bell.

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