This just in from reader Scott:


Disappointing news for local beer drinkers. Santa Barbara Ice on Milpas Street is no longer selling kegs of beer and will not refund customers left with empty keg shells that were purchased with a $30 deposit. Apparently the business has been sold.

Many of us in the local community have Kegerators and are looking for alternatives to replenish them. Please advise.

Scott Craig

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9 Responses to BEER BUMMER

  1. Joey Forner says:

    Hey Scott! San Roque Liquor 3014 State St Santa Barbara, CA 93105 (805) 687-4717 Speak with Sam. He can take care of all your keq requests!

  2. Jonathan says:

    I believe BevMo does kegs.

  3. SBWINEREP says:

    Support the independent, San Roque LQR is next door!

  4. Cris says:

    A keg is worth more than $30, so I think they will make out just fine.

  5. Louis says:

    Wait, the whole business is close?

    Where is one to get batch orders of ice in the area? I often would get 2-3 huge bags of ice for various parties.

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  7. Kathy says:

    SB ice went out of business but now there is a new ice business in its place SB ice and propane. They are trying to get kegs. They take empty shells. Bev mo only accepts their own keg shells

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