Sides Hardware and Shoes opened today at 2375 Alamo Pintado in Los Olivos (formerly Patrick’s Side Street Cafe). The eatery is run by brothers Matt and Jeff Nichols who served their last dinner at Brothers Restaurant inside Mattei’s Tavern on March 24th. Hours are: breakfast 7am-11am, lunch 11am-2:30pm and dinner 5pm-9pm. For more information call (805) 688-4820 or visit

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11 Responses to SIDES OPENS

  1. Glenn says:

    Nice but could they pick a more worse name for an eatery?

  2. Jamie says:

    They spent years building the “Brothers Restaurant” brand. It makes no sense to me that moving locations, just down the street from their old home inside Mattei’s Tavern, is cause to discard their brand. When people see the name “Sides Hardware and Shoes” in print or on the web, they might assume the business is not a restaurant and actually sells hardware and shoes.

  3. Anita says:

    I believe that Sides Hardware and Shoes was the original store in the building. I had a chance to see the inside, and it was very cool. It all fits together. They are so good at what they do, and I can’t wait to go!

  4. Christine says:

    everyone will just keep calling it Brothers…but I agree the name is stupid and very confusing for those not “in the know” about the history of the building….in the long run, Brothers Restaurant will be there for years to come, making good food- stupid name or not.

  5. Sue says:

    Have to admit, the name is a bit confusing unless you are a long time Los Olivos resident, but most of our friends are just calling it Sides. Went last night – food was amazing. Definitely a step up from Mattei’s and the place was packed. At this point, you need a reservation unless you want to take a chance on seats at the small bar. Wine on tap was also good.

  6. Glenn says:

    Yeah “Sides” would be catchier. Makes you not think of old leather shoes while you are eating. But if they have a tough steak then its a given for a first line of what someone will say! I look forward to trying it out as long and will try not to think of Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush”.

  7. Glenn says:

    Been to the Mattei’s Tavern last year and everything was great!

  8. Lynn Fogel says:

    Ordered an arugula salad for $10, and when it came I was
    shocked. It was a lump of salad no bigger than my fist on a big
    plate and didn’t even taste good. I regret not being honest when
    waitress asked me how was everything. I feel ripped off and had to
    go to paninos next because I was still hungry. Very classy place
    and nice wait staff though. Perhaps they just had a stingy cook
    that day, but I won’t take another chance there.

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