Boca de Rio Mexican restaurant has reopened at 318 N. Milpas St., the former home of Saigon Vietnamese restaurant which closed in January. Boca de Rio used to be just down the street at 326 N. Milpas St. but moved locations to make room for Fresh & Easy market (under construction) which is replacing several Milpas businesses.

I scanned their menu using the Scanner Pro app on my iPhone 4S. The menu picture quality is not as high as when I use a real scanner at home but the app allows me to create a .PDF file of the menu on-site which greatly increases the odds I will actually get the job done before procrastination takes over.

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4 Responses to BOCA DE RIO REOPENS

  1. a p c says:

    Yay! They had some seriously spicy calamari and cheap oysters.

  2. Ed says:

    Hey John which scanner app do you use? There are several in the app store.

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