This just in from the corporate office of Wahoo’s Fish Taco:

SANTA ANA, Calif.  – Wahoo’s Fish Taco, a community mainstay and worldwide pop culture phenomenon since 1988, today announced the opening of its new location at the University of California Santa Barbara. Located on campus at UC Santa Barbara’s University Center at Campus Point, the new restaurant will offer all of Wahoo’s distinctive menu items like the Maui Bowl, Banzai Burrito and of course, the original fish taco. The company’s UC Santa Barbara location is scheduled to open Tuesday, February 21.

“Since Santa Barbara is known for its surf culture, we knew that Wahoo’s would be a perfect place for study breaks and post-surf and skate gatherings,” said Wing Lam, co-founder and CEO of Wahoo’s. “Students and staff will love our Mexican-Brazilian-Asian menu, which we plan to bring to other California college campuses.”

The company also has a restaurant located at UC Irvine and the University of Southern California, and is scheduled to open its newest restaurant, located at 234 W. Chapman Ave. in Orange, Calif., several blocks away from Chapman University, the week of February 13.

“Moving away from Orange County to Santa Barbara was really exciting for me, but I was disappointed when I realized my favorite restaurant wasn’t that close by,” said Ashley Carr, a third-year student at UC Santa Barbara and Orange County transplant. “But finally, it’s coming my way and now I get to eat Wahoo’s at my own school!”

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