Reader Craig Smith spotted an alcohol permit application (posted February 15th) for “The Painted Cabernet” at 1229 State St. that will offer wine tasting and painting instruction. I found this description on their Facebook page:

The Painted Cabernet speaks to the artist in all of us. The upscale urban studio, located in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara, offers a friendly, hip and creative environment for an evening on the town, a bachelorette party, a bit of “me” time or an out-of-the-ordinary date night. If you haven’t painted since elementary school, step into The Painted Cabernet and your inner artist will be rekindled. Our instructional artist will walk you step by step through the painting experience giving one-on-one instruction while affording you the freedom to create. The studio offers oodles of fabulous choices for your masterpiece, and offers fabulous wines from the Santa Barbara region, allowing you to “sip and stroke in style.”

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  1. Robert says:

    Hahaha…yeah that’s going to work…

  2. Monte says:

    First and foremost, thank you to Craig for spotting our banner at our new location on State Street and John for including it on his website. I think once you see what we bring to Santa Barbara and what a fun time you can have we’ll win you over. We get it that we have to earn your support so hopefully everyone will stop by to check things out and see what we’re all about. It will make a whole lot more sense once you see the studio open. While we’ll be helping you create a piece of art, the emphasis is on fun! We’re huge supporters of local business and intend to feature local Santa Barbara wines. We hope to have to doors open soon so if you see us there please stop in and say “HI”! Give us a shot and we think you’ll be glad you did.

    • Nicole says:

      I was walking down State this morning and saw the studio. I was giddy. Not only is it beautiful and inviting inside, but I love the concept. I used to think of myself as an inspiring artist, but kids, life, carrer put a damper on that. A place to be uninterrupted by household chores and to have some instruction without having to sign up for classes is right up my alley (so is wine)! I really can’t wait. I hope it’s affordable…

      • Monte says:


        That is exactly what we’re about. We hope to provide a great place for a ladies night out, group outing or just a date night with your significant other. The classes are $35 or $40 (depending on the day/time and that includes your canvas supplies and class. The wines are in the $7 to $10 range and feature some of the great Santa Barbara wines. Saturday and Sunday mornings are “Mimosa Mornings” and the first Mimosa is on us. We hope to bring out the inner artist in everyone and the wine usually helps set that inner spirit free. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Terry Baxter says:

    Best of Luck in bringing something new, fresh, family friendly and unique to our downtown area 🙂

  4. Diane says:

    Looking forward to your new venture! People can get set in there ways and never want to try something new! I am ready to try your paint and sip venture ,as I am open minded and creative!
    There is nothing gained sitting around complaining about something you havn’t tried, and how much more can we learn by trying something new? I have tried a lot of things that I at first said NO THANKS to and learned my lesson….I swore I would not windsurf or snorkle with sharks or NEVER eat raw fish! BUT…I have tried it all and taught wind surfing and was soon taking other people shark feeding and my favorite food poison cru….Tahitain raw fish!
    So welcome to Santa Barbara and will see you soon!

  5. Bonnie says:

    I think the concept is great, and wish you much success. This idea worked so well for an artist in Montecito that she is in France selling her wine/painting show to producers in Cannes. It does work. Cheers!

  6. Jean says:

    There are two of these types of businesses in Portland, OR….The Loaded Brush and Vine Gogh. I have taken classes at both places and had a wonderful time. One was a gift from a friend and the other I went by myself just because I liked the painting for that day. Both classes were sold out and when checking their sites frequently classes are full. It’s a great concept and very fun…..especially when going with friends. It’s also an excellent alternative to just going out for drinks. I hope The Painted Cabernet is a huge success!

  7. Monte says:

    Thanks for all the support and we’re just about ready to open. Everything is done except the final processing of the liquor license which we hope to have done in the next few weeks. Health permit…Done! City inspection…..Done! All the forms, permits, etc…..Done!

    We’ve selected May 31st as Opening Day so please take a look at the web site ( to select a class that suits you. Better yet, stop by and say hello! We’ve opened the doors so everyone can stop in and check things out in person. We’re offering a Grand Opening special that provides a 2 for 1 discount. When registering for a class so just put in the word “Welcome” in the coupon code and you’ll get the discount.

    We hope to meet many of you and look forward to a little painting, a little wine and a whole lotta fun!

    Monte & Maria

  8. C Wheeler says:

    Nancy naysayers will always see the glass as half empty.
    Im guessing an evening painting in downtown SB with a glass of wine will not break the bank for most of us who coose to live in one of the most expensive small cities in the country. Whether the concept sticks or not is to be decided by those who enjoy painting and chatting with friends. I’m looking forward to trying it….love people who are willing to try new ideas and with a fairly strong art community in town one never knows. Owners, it is risk takers like you who help move the economy along in the world whether temporarily or longer -cheers!

  9. Monte says:

    Just a quick update. The liquor license is now complete and issued. We’re ready for our Grand Opening on May 31st. There are still a few seats left for the Grand Opening but we also have a Grand Opening special through the end of June. Just register on our website and put the words “WELCOME” in all caps and you’ll get a special 2 for 1 discount. Hope to see you soon!

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