Cafe Luck at 18 E. Cota St., which closed last September, has reopened with limited hours while it tests a new concept. The restaurant is currently open Fridays & Saturdays 5pm to midnight. Here is the official word I have received from management: “We plan on continuing our burger concept two nights a week while we are in the developmental stages.”

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9 Responses to CAFE LUCK UPDATE

  1. k says:

    wonder why they are being so vague? what “burger concept”?

    • a p c says:

      The new menu is posted all over the windows. It’s 4 different kinds of burgers, fries, onion rings and salads, kind of like an upscale McDonalds? All the ingredients are probably stored at Joe’s and schlepped over to Luck through the back alley every weekend.

  2. a p c says:

    it does seem pretty highfalutin’ to refer to burgers as a ‘concept’.

  3. Ruston says:

    This one-sentence public announcement stuff is silly. Being secretive makes you appear uptight. Just tell the public what you are doing.

    • k says:

      i agree.. also.. the sign that they posted when they first closed was silly. Something to the effect of. We think we know what we did wrong.. we will be back with a better concept” get over yourself..i know that the restauraunt biz is very tricky.. but.. jees

  4. Lily says:

    So they went from a French bistro to a burger and fries place, which this town has plenty of. What this town really need is a traditional Korean restaurant serving banchan, grilled fish, soups, bbq galbi and pork belly.

    • lemonjelly says:

      Lily, there was one years ago, in Goleta, like the early 90s. It couldn’t survive. Even the semi-Korean place in IV didn’t make it (Little Asia?). Your closest bet is New China Restaurant in Old Town Goleta for prepared food, like bibimbap. And Choi’s market for ingredients, they have banchan in the fridge section.
      galbi = kogilicious in IV, even some at the japanese/sushi place at Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta.

      As for the topic at hand, I am disappointed at the loss of the quality French food that Cafe Luck first started at. Switching to a broader menu I understood happened because of the new chef that came onboard, and was glad they still retained the marrow bone on the menu. But going burgers is not unique and if this is marketing to its most receptive audience, then Santa Barbara is the one showing its preferences and that disappoints me, too. :/

      • a p c says:

        That new chef was actually under orders from management to make the menu more accessible (seared ahi, caesar salad, lasagna, etc). He tried in his own way to do some neat stuff with the menu, but at that point it was out of his control.

  5. Charlotte says:

    What happened to the same group who owns Crustacean in B.H. Taking over and turning it into a French Colonial (Vietnamese fusion) concept? Crustacean is a mind blowing restaurant…. What the hell happened? Too good to be true!

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