Rumors have been hitting my inbox the last few days indicating that Cafe Luck at 18 E. Cota St. plans to reopen tonight, February 3rd. I have heard that it is a one-time special event related to the SB Film Festival yet I have also have heard that it is an unpublished soft-reopening of the restaurant. I am also hearing rumors that the new motif will include the wait staff wearing short-shorts. Though the rumors are all over the map, odds are something is going on.

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  1. We stopped by last night and checked it out. The new menu is (very) small plates: sandwiches, salads, fries, onion rings, that sort of thing. Sawdust on the floor. The prices looked pretty good until we received the tiniest grilled cheese sandwiches known to man, made from what looked like the narrowest end of a baguette, and it was a quarter the size of our friend’s shrimp club. The food was good and they were ironing out some things – no beer on tap yet – and no short-shorts.

  2. a p c says:

    oh good good, we were all afraid they were gonna open something trashy

  3. Linda says:

    Also stopped by fore a “bite” and that is pretty much what was served–a bite. Although the pint sized rasberry pie WAS quite tasty.

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