Last November 11th The Restaurant Guy broke the news that wine, spirits and beer superstore BevMo! is coming to Camino Real Marketplace in Goleta next to Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. On January 30th this sign was posted at that location, confirming the news.


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11 Responses to IT’S OFFICIAL

  1. David says:

    Another Bevmo, this time in Goleta? Thank you Jesus!

  2. WM says:

    If the BevMo on upper State Street is any indication of what is to be expected, get ready for massive parking jams, accidents, drunks running around at all hours of the night and the immediate closure of every mom and pop liquor store within a five mile radius……

    Well at least that is what we heard during the permitting and planning process. From what I’ve observed as a resident of that area, none of it has come true. One thing I have found interesting is you never see the homeless purchasing their alcohol there. They seem to prefer doing it at the numerous smaller liquor stores up in that area.

    Reminds me of all the pending doom that was to come from the Whole Foods. Things turned out to be okay there too……only downside to the whole thing is we didn’t get any of the planned improvements to the area because the neighbors tried to prevent Whole Foods from moving in by killing the whole project. Alas, Whole Foods moved in and the doomsday scenarios never materialized. Same thing that happened with BevMo.

    • Ruston says:

      Exactly. Not a single liquor store in Santa Barbara closed because of Bevmo and there have been no traffic jams or increase in drunks in the area. Someone was spreading FUD.

  3. sbdude says:

    I can’t wait for this to open. So much closer to home than the Upper State location, and you can never miss with the wine selection.

    Should (hopefully) be a quick process, too, with the exception of the ABC hearing. No EIRs, no traffic studies, no MNDs. Maybe a building permit or two for the interior remodel, but little else.

  4. Sandi says:

    I was hoping BEVMO would start a price war with all the liquor sellers and the consumer would benefit but that hasn’t happened either. In fact does BEVMO even advertise?

    • David says:

      Bevmo advertises via email all the time. I don’t think they advertise in newspapers and certainly not on TV. If a pricewar would ensue, the small stores would lose. That’s how economics works.

  5. Amy says:

    What a disappointment.

  6. Kaylee says:

    now I won’t have to drive 15 miles to get my Herradura Anejo at an excellent price.

  7. Nancy says:

    Years ago at UCLA, there was a rule that no store could sell alcohol within a mile of campus. Students still bought it but it wasn’t as bad as UCSB.

    • WM says:

      I doubt the UCSB students will be purchasing their alcohol from a BevMo at Hollister and Storke. There are a lot of liquor stores right in IV that say stuff a lot cheaper than BevMo does.

  8. Glenn says:

    There’s a new beverage warehouse off Patterson by the humane society on overpass rd that I think just opened(weekends only). Not as big as bevmo, they’ll probably be swallowed up once bevmo opens. They have some snacks too. Hard to beat the deals at Albertson’s in my opinion. Costco soda always seem flat to me. This place has a variety of stuff, no wine, some beer, mostly soda/water, a few snack items.

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