A rumor is going around that somebody is leasing three spaces on the Mesa that currently encompass Fantastic Sams, Subway and the old Fosters Freeze. The rumor implies that to make room for the new tenant Subway would be moved closer to Super Cucas and Fantastic Sams would be shuffled into Dean-o’s Pizzarama‘s old spot. There was no information about who the mystery tenant is that would take over all three spots. Again, this is just a rumor. There might be no changes at all planned for the Mesa shopping center.

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2 Responses to MESA SHUFFLE?

  1. SL says:

    Anyone know what the status is of the old Cliff’s & Co. spot? They have been closed for quite some time now with no visible indication of any activity such as leasing, selling, or reopening the property.

  2. FOTOMATT says:

    The Cliff & Co space is listed for sale on for a mere 995,000

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