I am hearing that the food truck known as Culture Shock, which left Santa Barbara last August, plans to return to the South Coast.

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  1. john says:

    I tried to find this truck back when they were one of only a couple in town. Their online presence was terrible, their calendar broken and their list of locations often wrong. I never was able to find out they were in my area until it was too late. You can’t really outrun bad management and I hope a stint in the big city gave them some skills to compete in what is getting to be a pretty crowded local market here.

    • Glenn says:

      It was good food, sri Lankan tacos. Pretty good. Most people in Goleta that went to it for lunch favored the Thai truck I think but now that they are gone it will get more business. Tasty stuff. If you take Los Carneros from the freeway to Hollister those trucks will put out placards starting about 11am if they are there for lunch or not, some have a better web precense then others. Currently Burger Bus and Road Dogs are the consistent selected weekday ones in that Los Carneros business park area. Other than that catch the trucks near the wharf or downtown on weekends.

    • Jason says:

      They were very easy to find: they had Twitter updates and a web site.

      I ate at this truck many, many times when they were in SB. I am so happy they are returning!

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