This just in from Jill Brouillard at Fresco Cafe 3987 State St:

Hello John,

Happy New Year, and thanks to all your readers for the nods to Fresco Cafe this year in your annual “Best Of”!

I wanted to let you know that Fresco is in it’s twenty-fifth year of continuous operation, with Mark and I being the lucky owners for the past seventeen years. This May 20th, we will be hosting a big celebration and we are asking our customers to join us on that day and help us with a project that we are working on.

Years ago, at Fresco we had a “Fresco Photo Wall” which was filled with pictures of our customers. This year, we wish to create a “Family Photo and Story Tree” We will be going through our files and finding photos and stories that have been a part of Fresco’s success over the years. We would love for our customers to bring in any photos or stories that we may add to the “Family Tree” that will be displayed. Anyone wishing to contribute may do so by dropping off material to Fresco Cafe, e-mailing to jillfatb@yahoo.com, or faxing it to 805.696.9305.

We are so grateful to everyone in Santa Barbara for all their support over the years and we look forward to serving this wonderful community for many years to come.

Jill Brouillard

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