Reader Laura tells me that a new sign has appeared at 210 W. Carrillo St., the former home of Carrows, confirming what Restaurant Guy readers have known since November 14th: Starbucks is coming.

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14 Responses to IT’S OFFICIAL

  1. Glenn says:

    Cue the Jaws theme?

  2. SL says:

    Can anyone confirm the Starbucks in IV closed down? I’m pretty sure I read that in the IV column in the Indy. Seems like that would be an odd one to close as it’s high volume. Either way the last thing we need is more Starbucks, their coffee is downright vile.

  3. Glenn says:

    Nope they are still there.

  4. Glenn says:

    Pretty soon all there will be in the world are Starbucks and Subways, its all you need Mr Anderson.

  5. Casper the friendly dude says:

    That’s great news! Am always looking for a place I can write my screen play! Because browsing the Internet is so much cooler when done at a Starbucks!

  6. Germaine says:

    It looks like they may have a drive-thru.

    • Jaeiou says:

      Can’t have a drive through unless one already existed at that site, and I’m not sure if one was there before or not. It’s a city code-type thing.

  7. Susan says:

    Does anybody know what is coming into the space next to this new Starbucks?

  8. Chaz says:

    Too bad. Another over-priced chain serving a mediocre product.

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  9. dmo says:

    Starbucks? Really?
    How original – another chain store.

  10. Eric Greenspan says:

    Jamba Juice and a sushi joint are opening next door. What Sushi house??