Most local restaurants and coffee shops are open on Christmas Eve. If you want to know who’s open on Christmas Day, however, it’s absolutely impossible to find a complete list so last week I made 694 phone calls in search of the answer. Accomplishing this required two things:

  1. An iPhone 4S with advanced voice recognition for 99% accurate voice dialing so your hands & wrists don’t go numb.
  2. Insanity (I’ll be staying home that day so making nearly 700 phone calls to find out who’s open is a bit crazy).

In the process of gathering the data I discovered an interesting rule of thumb. If you can’t remember which restaurants are open on December 25th you have a 99% chance of finding one if you think “hotels” or “Chinese.”

It is important to note that each location’s holiday hours will likely be different from their regularly schedule hours so you might consider calling to be sure they are open during the time you plan to be there.

So here it is, after 5 years of requests, a list of all restaurants & coffee shops across the South Coast that are on Christmas Day.

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  1. laura says:

    Great idea – thanks for doing all this research!

  2. dmo says:

    The Mercury Lounge will be open at 7:00pm both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

  3. Deeahna says:

    All those phone calls and you missed Adama Vegan. Hmmm. Is there perhaps a roast beef requirement? We will be open Christmas Day, normal hours, baked goods in the morning, possibly a shortened version of our menu for breakfast and lunch, dinner will be business as usual.

    • John Dickson says:

      I called Adama last week to ask if you would be open on Christmas Day and you told me “I hadn’t thought about Christmas yet. Thanks for reminding me sweetie. I haven’t decided yet.” I have now added Adama to the Christmas list!

      • Deeahna says:

        OK, busted. I totally remember that conversation and even if I didn’t, it would only be me using that term of endearment! You are so funny! I love getting called out. Thanks for adding us to the list!

    • SL says:

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  4. Gina says:

    Really super! You are awesome! LOVE this! Wishing you find a true gem that makes your day special. Thanks also to all the people who are working today!

  5. Jenn says:

    Thanks for doing all this research! I called El Paseo and the guy I talked to said the owner decided to give everyone the day off on Christmas so it will be closed this year 🙁

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