Reader Shareena has requested I make a pet-friendly restaurant list. The odds of me finding time to do that in the near future are pretty low because creating a new section usually takes 600 phone calls and has a staff of one. If you are interested in such a section could you leave comments here with your suggestions? If I receive 25 or more suggestions I will create a new pet-friendly restaurant section.

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  1. Nancy says:

    The Brewhouse-they have a special menu of items for your dog. They always bring a bowl of water to my dog.

    Mesa Cafe-the servers always give my dog special attention.

    Rudy’s on Montecito St…my dog is welcome to sit at the tables they have outside.

  2. Jamie says:

    Scarlett Begonia

  3. Fancy says:

    Killer B’s. they love dogs and always give mine a bone to chew on while we eat.

  4. josh lewis says:

    Hollister brew dog friendly

  5. Karen H says:

    Renaud’s in Loreto Plaza is VERY welcoming to dogs, as is Summerland Beach Cafe, Breakwater Cafe, and Fresco North (all have outside seating). Sad to say, but Jeannine’s at State & Ontare is unwelcoming, even though they have outside tables.

  6. tinybubbletoes says:

    Here is a list of restaurants that I’ve taken my dogs to: Fresco Cafe East Beach Grill Ultimate Bagels CrushCafe Tupelo Junction Pascucci Kahuna Grill Dargan’s Opal Restaurant

  7. Jo Rogers says:

    Pascucci’s, Cafe Del Sol, Chase Bar and Grill, Andersen’s Danish Bakery and Restaurant, Beach Grill at Padero, Aldo’s, Cafe Shell, East Beach Grill, El Torito Restaurant, The Habit (all 3-locations), Peabody’s, Palazzio’s, S.B. Shellfish Company, Summerland Beach Cafe, and most restuarants with outside seating. These are a few that I know of besides what has already been mentioned………hope I helped!!! (There is also a new one in Victoria Plaza that caters to dogs….:-) ENJOY and Happy Holidays!!!!

  8. Nancy says:

    Eastbeach Grill is good too.

  9. The Breakwater Restaurant in the Santa Barbara harbor has been PET FRIENDLY since the first day our county health dept. relaxed it’s rule. Let’s see yours! Scott

  10. rogerblws says:

    Its funny how people take their pet to the grocery store. Today during the rain this lady took her dog inside the store. I saw her dog shaking all the water off in the produce section. Dog water and hair everywhere. Remember people wash your veggies before you cook!

  11. Megan says:

    Kahuna grill, Panino and Brewhouse all bring your dog water! The brewhouse dog menu is awesome!

  12. a p c says:

    I’m not hating on people loving their dogs and wanting to not be harassed for bringing them to a restaurant… but I have NEVER been able to understand why it’s legal/sanitary!

  13. Jpt says:

    Yes please, would love the list!

  14. Christine! says:

    if it licks its own @$$, its not welcome to sit at or near my table…period.

    I love animals, though it does not mean I want to eat with them.

  15. Shareena says:

    Looks like you’ve got quite a few people interested. Yay, for a pet friendly section! The pet friendly restaurants we like are: Fresco’s (State Street) Summerland Beach Cafe Brewhouse Tupelo Junction (only two tables available outside) Thx John for considering this!

  16. Helen A says:

    Jeannine’s in Montecito now allows dogs as does the Montecito Deli. Stacky’s in Summerland and the Garden Market in Carpenteria.

  17. Rebecca says:

    Oh yes! Please do create a pet-friendly dining section. I come up from the desert to visit Santa Barbara as often as I can and I would LOVE to dine at new places with my dog. I was so excited to see the suggestions you posted here already.

  18. Diane says:

    This will be a great resource for locals and visitors. With so many dog friendly hotels there are plenty of canine visitors with their owners- let’s welcome them with some great information. Santa Barbara isn’t Carmel where 9/10 restaurants allow dogs on their patios but thanks to the County of SB now restaurants that have outside areas that fit their criteria can choose to be dog friendly. A huge thanks to Summerland Beach Cafe for working on changing SB County policy to allow them to have dogs on the patio! Favorites of mine: Fresco Santa Barbara, Summerland Beach Cafe, Brewhouse, Hollister Brewing Company.

  19. SL says:

    Summerland Beach cafe has a large sign advertising the fact their are dog friendly. Brewhouse is one of the most dog friendly, I’ve seen dogs on the tables and also roaming for food around the dining area, so maybe they are a bit too lax. Mesa Cafe is another dog hangout.

  20. Jill says:

    And I believe that make 25 🙂

  21. dmo says:

    I don’t like to dine with other people’s dogs… and having them in any store is kind of disgusting…

  22. Donna says:

    Yes, this has been very helpful reading all the comments! A list would be great!
    Summerland Beach Cafe has always been doggie friendly since we’ve lived here!

  23. a p c says:

    People used to bring dogs into my coffee shop I managed. We got in trouble with the health inspector about it, so I started trying to crack down on it. People would go ‘is it ok if I hold her instead?’, like having the dog at a food service elevation was ‘better’.

    • Shareena says:

      Yeah, I think it’s best if dogs stay outside and on the ground at any food establishment. And on a leash within the seating area, not wandering around for food scraps, going potty, or disturbing other patrons. A responsible pet owner should always ask if the establishment allows dogs. But course just as we encounter some disrespectful parents or people in general, we will encounter some disrespectful dog owners.

  24. Mitch says:

    Just chiming (again) in that Hollister is pet friendly – see people outside with well behaved dogs frequently.
    And if you don’t like to eat near people & their pets, you can sit inside, where no animals are allowed (except service animals), or request a table outside & mention you don’t want to be seated next to any animals. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to not want to eat next to animals. I personally like animals, and don’t mind them when I eat out, as long as they are well behaved.

  25. Diane says:

    Mitch brings up a good point. Well behaved is key for any pet in public places be they at the feet of their owner while they are dining in a restaurant at an outdoor table or walking down State Street.

  26. Issac says:

    Honestly, I would use such a list to know where to avoid going. I’m a lifelong pet owner and animal lover but when I am going to pay for food at a restaurant I want the highest level of cleanliness and hygiene as well as calm and relaxation.
    It seems from the responses many dog owners are already quite aware of places they can eat with their animals in public.

    • Shareena says:

      I still think it would be helpful to have a list since John is so good at updating the lists. Dog owners don’t necessarily know all the dog-friendly places, maybe collectively they do. Also this list would be helpful for out of towners who travel with their dog(s), as another commenter noted.

      Your comment implied to me that dog owners already know where to go, what’s the point of having a pet-friendly list? Why bother having a list of restaurants at all, don’t people know of places to eat? I think this dining directory can be a great resources to help both dog owners & non-dog owners choose a place to eat.

    • Mitch says:

      Outdoor tables where wildlife can come and crawl all over at any point in time is not what I’d consider the height of cleanliness. Patios & outdoor areas are the only areas in restaurants where people can bring pets. Saying that having a dog next to you on the ground somehow makes the place less clean, while you eat off a table that pigeons were flying around & sitting on 2 minutes before you sat down makes no sense to me. As long as the owner isn’t some schmuck who lets his/her dog sit on the table (ew, gross), pee or poop on or near the patio, or the dog isn’t well behaved (i.e. barking, trying to get food, pestering other diners), I see no issue. However, if you are eating somewhere & any of that occurs, I’d be tempted to slap the owner (or management, or both, depending on circumstances).

      As for the “I want to know where to avoid” comment, what is wrong with sitting inside? I personally prefer to sit outside, assuming it’s not raining or too cold. But if something outside bothered me, I’d sit indoors, no problem. I can’t understand why so many people claim to be animal people, but are essentially saying they’d boycott a restaurant altogether if they let people have animals outdoors on the patios. What is wrong with an indoor table? If I had a thing against birds or wind while eating, I’d just sit indoors – I don’t see the difference with dogs.

      • Diane says:

        I’d like the list of the restaurants those who are grumpy about sitting outside at a restaurant with a well behaved dog at their owner’s feet go to- so I can avoid meeting them.

  27. Laurie says:

    Palapa on upper State allows dogs on their front patio. It is also their smoking patio but I haven’t seen anyone smoking there. I’ve seen dogs on the patio of Piere LaFond downtown. Dargan’s has always been welcoming of our dog, bring water. La Carreta in Goleta was years ago, probably still is.

  28. Elizabeth says:

    Pierre La Fond Patio , Upper Village, Montecito

    Montecito Coffee Shop Patio, Upper Village, Montecito

  29. Brian says:

    I propose an outright ban on dogs in restaurants and grocery stores in Santa Barbara. Who’s with me?

    • Steve says:

      I support your position, Brian. But we have a tyranny of dog owners who want to make every dining patio their own kennel and don’t care if it runs you off. Will dog owners not dine out because they have to leave the dog at home or in the car? Will non-dog owners not dine out because they don’t want the sounds, smells, distractions, etc. of someone else’s dog as they eat?

    • Shareena says:

      Brian, I don’t think this is the forum to start a campaign against dogs at restaurants, since what John is asking for are suggestions of dog-friendly restaurants. It’s been determined that the County allows dog-friendly restaurants. Since you oppose it, you should bring it up with the county or city or start a thread on edhat or something of the sort.

    • Diane says:

      Brian since dogs other than service dogs are not allowed IN grocery stores or restaurants I think you are covered. Now try and ban service dogs you’ve got the Feds to deal with.

    • skloss says:

      If you don’t like it, go somewhere that doesn’t allow dogs.

  30. laura knight says:

    The Santa Barbara County Health Dept. changed their regulations, ( I believe in April???) and now allow all restaurants to allow dogs on patios, at the restaurant owners discretion…so there should be many more “pet friendly” restaurants to go to than a few month ago, most likely all restaurants with patios would now allow dogs.

  31. Diane says:

    I’m afraid not all restaurants with outside patios allow dogs so it would be nice to have this list to reference and also for out of town visitors. There’s a difference between allowing dogs and welcoming dogs. I’m a member of a couple local dog clubs with events in town so it would be nice to be able to refer visitors to Santa Barbara to know what restaurants welcome dogs. Although I have my favorite places to go when I dine with my friends, family and dog I’d like to hear about other places that welcome dogs too from others experience. So far on this thread I’ve learned about a couple already.

  32. SBSuz says:

    hahaha–aren’t you glad you brought it up!

  33. Steve says:

    Thank you for making the list of “pet friendly” restaurants. This will give me the information to choose which restaurants not to patronize.

  34. Shareena says:

    As of now, this is what we’ve come up with so far. Great feedback! I’ve learn of a lot of restaurants that I didn’t know were dog friendly. Only a couple seem unconfirmed. And does Ultimate Bagels even have outdoor seating?

    Andersen’s Danish Bakery and Restaurant
    Breakwater Cafe
    Cafe Del Sol
    Cafe Shell
    Cafe Stella
    Chase Bar and Grill
    East Beach Grill
    El Torito Restaurant
    Fresco Cafe North & State Street
    Garden Market (Carpinteria)
    Hollister Brewing Company
    Jeanine’s (Montecito)
    Kahuna Grill
    Killer B’s
    La Carreta (unconfirmed)
    Mesa Cafe
    Montecito Deli
    Opal Restaurant
    Padaro Beach Grill
    Piere LaFond (upper village, Montecito)
    Pizza Mizza
    Rudy’s (Montecito St.)
    S.B. Shellfish Company,
    Scarlett Begonia
    Stacky’s (Summerland)
    Summerland Beach Cafe
    The Brewhouse
    The Habit (all 3-locations)
    Tupelo Junction
    Ultimate Bagels

  35. Kimberly says:

    We eat out with our Yorkie all the time. Restaurants of particular note which were not mentioned by anyone so far, both of which are VERY pet friendly, are the Crocodial Restaurant in the Lemon Tree Inn at State & Alamar (great outdoor patio), and the Tree House at the Pepper Tree Inn across from La Cumbre Plaza. Also, the Doubletree Inn cafe will serve you on their bar patio.

  36. julibelleSB says:

    The Goodland Market in Old Town, has treats, water and shade for all good pups…birds, reptiles and bunnies too.

  37. Jen says:

    Cafe Zoma in Goleta – the baristas were very friendly and warm, and dropped by several times to play with my puppy.

  38. vicki says:

    I am so glad the county changed its policy on dogs at outdoor restaurants. Santa Barbara is now more like Carmel and more attractive to all the visitors who travel with their pets. It is important that there be an up-to-date list of dog-friendly restaurants so people know what to expect. My suggestion: always call first.

  39. Shareena says:

    Hi John,
    I was hoping that you could get a “Pet-Friendly” section started, since over a year & a half ago you said “If I receive 25 or more suggestions I will create a new pet-friendly restaurant section”. I know many people who would benefit from it! Thanks.

  40. Essie says:

    It would be wonderful if you could make a pet friendly guide!

  41. Anne Rizzoli says:

    Great food, friendly staff, surprisingly affordable.Place is great to bring your dog. Best part…Great Dog Friendly Restaurants Santa Barbara! Also had a doggie menu. Server very knowlegable about menu both beer and food.

  42. Cassandra says:

    I had a yummy sandwich at Three Pickles on Canon Perdido the other day. Sat w/ my dog in the outdoor side section.
    Also the Boat house at hendrys beach has a lil Cabana for your dogs to hang out

  43. Danae says:

    I come to SB on vacation often and just got a new dog – I love to know that we can bring Rok with us on vacation. I of course would not bring him anywhere however until he is properly trained – which I think is the real issue. I also bring all three of my kids – who are also properly trained and have much better manners than many adults I encounter.

    After reading this I called our favorite place – Holdrens – to inquire if they would allow my entire family including our dog to eat on their patio.
    the answer is
    gotta plan another vacation Right Now

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