It appears that BevMo! will be opening a second location on the South Coast. Reliable sources tell me that the wine, spirits and beer superstore will be coming to Camino Real Marketplace next to Santa Barbara Bank & Trust. On February 16, 2010 The Restaurant Guy had the privilege of breaking the news about BevMo! coming to 3052 State St., the former home of Thomasville Furniture.

BevMo! operates more than 100 superstores in California and Arizona. For more information visit

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  1. Robert says:

    What does Goleta have to do with it? Its the owner of the shopping center and the company that put deals together, the City is irrelevant.

    • Charlotte says:

      Not always!

      • sbdude says:

        In this case, it is. The shopping center and building are already constructed. If the traffic generated by BevMo is substantially in conformance with the prior use for the building, all BevMo has to do is produce a Mitigated Negative Declaration, get a license to sell alcohol, and they’re on their way. The City has little to no decision making power other than to review the MND.

        In the case of a K-Mart alternative (i.e. Target), we’re talking significant modifications to a site (demolition, construction, parking lots, etc), not to mention significant increases in traffic. While there may be traffic credits granted based on a prior use, there is no way all the traffic generated by a Target (which may or may not replace a gym) can be eliminated. Thus there are considerations that need to be made with respect to the local and regional street networks.

        So, no, there is little Goleta has to do with BevMo coming to town unless they plan on a new building.

  2. Valerie says:

    The Goleta Council is considering Target tomorrow (Tuesday, Nov. 15th) at 6pm. If you’re interested in having a Target. Come out to the meeting.

  3. Amanda says:

    God I want a Target.

    • roger says:

      Oh, God, Me, too, I can’t live without cheap Chinese goods made with slave labor by our new Overlords- the Chinese! the thought of goods made by slave labor with complete disregard for any health and saftey regulations, as well as feeding the absolute inbalance of trade with this country makes me weak in the knees! It used to be “In God we trust”- in todays world- “In cheap garbage we trust” Enjoy!

      • roger says:

        Oh, God, I feel terrible that I forgot the complete absence of any enviromental laws in China that help them produce the cheap garbage that we seem to find so important in our lives today! If you Target lovers are lucky, we will get Tea Party Republicans to run the country in 2012- They will get rid of OSHA, so there is no saftey for American workers (If there are any left), get rid of the EPA, so there are no more pesky environmental laws that cost corporations money. Of course, get rid of the dept of education, because educated workers are a bothersome plague,and of course get rid of the minimum wage laws, as Michelle Bachmann says ” If we can pay workers anything, we can start hiring!” Yay! Hey! the 1950’s are over! America is done! change the name to ChinAmerica, because, if you hadn’t noticed, we are circling the drain- Oh yeah, I forgot – you haven’t noticed, because you are busy staring at your Chinese built cellphone, talking to nobody about nothing all day- Go Target!!!!!

        • Jamie says:

          Most of the things inside your home, most of the clothes you wear, the keyboard you typed your message on – were all made in China. You support China with your $ like everyone else. Don’t be such a hypocrite.

  4. rogerblws says:

    Quick question what cell phone or computer did you use to post your comments? Well…it doesn’t matter because most likely they were assembled in China. So who’s the hypocrite…

  5. Christine! says:

    wow- I think rodger hit up BEVMO….I shop Target, but I am not a slave to them in that I HAVE to shop there….Santa Maria has a Target and it is crazy to hear people say they have to drive to Oxnard/Ventura- go north and keep your tax dollars in the County!

  6. roger says:

    Most of the things inside of my home are vintage american, from the 1940’s and 1950’s, from the stove to the fridge to the toaster. I don’t have a T.V, and no, none of my clothes are made in China. My cars are all American, All too old and vintage to have Chinese parts. Well, yeah, my keyboard, is indeed, made in China. If some one could point me to an American made one, I would be happy to switch. You guys crack me up! Because I choose American goods whenever I can, Christine! has to insult me as being a drunk going to Bevmo, and some other yahoos call me a hypocrite, because I do my best not to buy Chinese goods. I guess its true that we have all lost all faith and respect for our country, and its products- Sad!

    • sbdude says:

      It’s not because you “choose American goods whenever [you] can” that Christine calls you a drunk. It’s because you’ve deluded yourself into believing that those American goods you purchased weren’t made with Chinese or other foreign parts. Where do you think the platinum and palladium in your catalytic converter came from? Not a lot of rare earth metals in the U.S. I can tell you where you would find them: in China.

      So while you think it’s necessary to turn a dining blog into your outlet for poor political sattire on a liberal scale not known since FDR, why don’t you let the rest of us enjoy the rumors, please. Or did The Daily Sound block your IP address?

  7. rogerblws says:

    So Roger your telling me your using a refrigerator that uses freon and sulfur dioxide? Like they say “they don’t make then like they use too”

  8. Issac says:

    I was at Camino Real Marketplace SBB&T yesterday. Vacant spaces next door still say “For Lease”. Is this really going to happen?

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