Here is a message from Cafe Luck about this week’s closure of the restaurant:

Dear John,

We have had ample time to observe the downtown market and more specifically, Cota Street. Mr. Montesano has decided to discontinue the “Cafe Luck” concept and launch something NEW in the coming months. We are excited and confident this NEW direction will complement the block and provide the community with an energetic, fresh atmosphere.

We would also like to thank all of our loyal customers and can not wait to serve them in the future!

Thank you Santa Barbara.

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15 Responses to CAFE LUCK UPDATE

  1. LC says:

    If they had ample time to observe the market, etc., why were employees only told that morning that they need not come in to work that night? It seems like Mr. Montesano could have shown a little more loyalty to his employees than that.

  2. lemonjelly says:

    I will miss Cafe Luck’s marrow bone, and desserts. Will the pastry chef please contact me? Thnx!

    • Amy Durham says:

      The pastry Chef at cafe luck was one of my good friends who
      I went to culinary school with named Erin Echternach. You can
      goolge her.

    • Erin says:

      Wow. I was googling my name and came across this comment. I’m so happy you liked the pastries at Cafe Luck. I have the recipes still and I’d be willing to share if you’re still out there in internet-land.

  3. Michael Holmstrom says:

    LC – Keeping employees in the dark about the closing is unfortunately the right business decision – albeit insensitive. The alternative – tell your employees a few weeks in advance and watch them then flee en mass for other jobs while the business struggles to manage operations without employees and most likely damages it’s own reputation in it’s dying days – a reputation they need if they plan on reinventing themselves under the same ownership.

    • Krista and Tony says:

      Damn those rat-bastards! Fleeing a sinking ship and thinking only of their own survival when a rich ******’s brand reputation is at stake! The nerve of the working class, why do we keep them around anyway?!

  4. Joe says:

    The owner owns other restaurants and I’m sure most of the Cafe Luck employees who were worth keeping around will be re located to these places. So lets not jump the gun so fast.

  5. Nancy says:

    In the “new concept”, how about spacing the tables a few more inches apart, and getting rid of those 2-tops that really were made for one diner? I avoid restaurants that cram you in like sardines (Ca Dario, Hungry Cat – are you listening?) It’s only food…and I can live with out that claustrophobic “experience” and will happily spend money elsewhere, where the diners are more “honored”.

  6. louis says:

    I will by no means miss this over-priced ‘French’ restaurant.

    No French wine by the glass when I went last…really….

    Not a touch on Mousse O’dile, the former restaurant that once stood there.

    • julibelleSB says:

      ooohhhh I miss Mousse O’dile!!! I am in awe of G. Montesano’s business skills but I think he might consider the value of charm and intimacy as a novel new way of designing a restaurant……

  7. Pshopkins says:

    Mousse O’dile—among the very best we’ve had in this town!!
    Really miss this place!

  8. greg says:

    interesting…i purchased a gift certificate from there on Sept. 9 for a friend…maybe they could have told me it would be closed in 12 days? who knows how to contact them…no answering machine on the phone number and no email on the website.