I called Crushcakes & Cafe in Carpinteria and was told that they are considering opening a location in Isla Vista. Currently Crushcakes operates two eateries, 1315 Anacapa St and 4945 Carpinteria Ave in Carpinteria.

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  1. Robert says:

    I think that’s a bad idea personally, don’t want to expand too much too fast, especially in this economy. Plus college kids (at least me when I was in school) are usually on a budget that doesn’t include $3 cupcakes. $3 beer yes, cupcakes, no. There is such a high rate of turnover in IV with businesses this seems like an unnecessary risk. Why mess with a good thing?

  2. Glenn says:

    Agree Robert! Only thing is is that for us non collegers it gives us another option for grub (til they close!). I wonder if they may be on the cheaper side though for the students. I don’t think they have a donut shop there now also.

  3. huyen says:

    Crushcakes would do well in IV. Silvergreens and a few other restuarants have typical lunches around $8 average, which is comprable to Crushcakes. The college girls in sororities and other campus clubs would be into buying cupcakes for parties, etc. There are few dessert shops there now, and it would be a fun addition.

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