I just received this press-release from “Nardonne’s La Famiglia Pizzeria, ” a new eatery coming to 17 W. Ortega St. in September. They are currently in the last phase of the building permit process.

“Established in 1976 in the San Luis Obispo area, Nardonne’s La Famiglia quickly became a Central Coast favorite thanks to our unique take on a true Sicilian style pizza.  We believe that creating a pizza from scratch, in house by hand, results in a difference you can taste.  Nardonne’s is unique and recognizable from the moment you try it, whether dining in house or by delivery. Ours is a memorable product. While delivering to all of Santa Barbara and Montecito, our restaurant is conveniently located just off State St. on Ortega.  Whether you’re shopping at Paseo Nuevo, taking in a movie, or just finishing up a night downtown, Nardonne’s is never more than a short walk away.  Knowing late night appetites exist in Santa Barbara, we will be open and delivering late for all your needs and welcome you to make us your last stop of the night.  If ever you see somebody downtown with a square slice of pizza and a smile on their face, rest assured it came from Nardonne’s.

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  1. Dianne says:

    Enough pizza in town already. Same with tacos.

  2. Glenn says:

    I’m good for a try. Nardonne’s was good when I went to school in SLO. I remember the pizza was sliced in squares if I remember correctly. Good stuff. I think the frustration is the need for more cuisine choices in town though. An Ethopian or South American place would make me happy but those type of places tend to stay in their enclaves in LA I’ve found so sometimes you’ve got to travel for something different. Side note: I see at least five places in town that could be considered “East Coast” pizza places. Gino’s, Paesano’s, Sal’s, Uncle Rocco’s and Nicky D’s if I’m not mistaken.

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