On Fathers Day I was enjoying a nice BBQ dinner at my parents’ home in Montecito when I noticed that something was stuck in the back of my throat. Thinking it was a piece of overly-cooked chicken I tried to send the thing down the hatch by drinking a glass of water. No luck. I then downed a large glass of milk yet for some reason this mysterious object was still there. I finally decided to do a serious investigation to see what this thing was. After a few tries I was able to carefully dislodge it with fancy finger work in front of a mirror.

It turns out that the prickly pest was a sharp metal wire. What had happened was that our old BBQ grill scrub brush had started shedding metal bristles on to the grill which subsequently got transferred to the food – and nearly sent me to the hospital. We quickly disposed of all old BBQ brushes and I tossed out the old ones at my home. All were many years old. I had no idea BBQ brushes can be so dangerous. From now on I won’t keep old ones around and I will inspect the grill after I use them. You might consider doing the same.

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  1. Chaz says:

    Glad you had a good outcome. Could have been worse – a ham sandwich, for example, like the one (urban legend) that did in Mama Cass. LOL!

    My BBQ brush is now in the trash thanks to your cautionary tale.

  2. Maureen Evans says:

    I had a similar episode. I felt a stab in the back of my throat after eating a piece of fish at friends’ house. 2 days later, after 1 trip to urgent care and 2 trips to the emergency room, I was taking in for emergency surgery to remove the culprit, a barbecue brush bristle! It was lodged in my throat at a downward angle and was scratching the other side of my throat every time I swallowed.

  3. Andi ^..^ ~ says:

    Geez, the thought of anything happening to you just scary .
    Sounds like a very good example of “out with the old in with the new “.
    Cheers to your helpful suggestion to not be so complacent with the stuff we have lingering around .
    Summer safety is key …all is fun and games til someone gets a wire stuck in his throat .
    Glad you are alright 😀

  4. Tama says:

    Wow. Just historized my BBQ brush.

  5. Glenn says:

    Choking is not fun having been heimliched before as I was passing out. Looks like a common problem from looking at the web, I’ll have to look at mine thanks!

  6. Fran says:

    Reading your “off topic” about the metal bristle, it reminded me of a similar incident that happened to me.

    For dinner one night, I sauted some chicken wings (Chinese style) and was eating my last piece when I felt something lodged in back of my right side of my throat between my tonsil and back of my mouth; Glasses of water did not loosen it and I couldn’t reach it with anything. I thought it might be a small sliver of bone or cartilage. It wasn’t uncomfortable that I had to go to emergency so I waited and went to urgent care the next morning. The Doc there asked if I tried to flush it down. I tried but couldn’t. He tried to see where it might be lodged but I couldn’t help gagging. Urgent care did not have the equipment for this kind of thing, I guess. He referred me to Ear, Nose & Throat. They were able to see me at noon that same day. The doctor sprayed my nose numb then started probing. I was so surprised when he plucked out a 1/4 inch metal wire-like thing. That piece of metal was already embedded in the meat before I cooked it….lucky me.

    Well, the doctor also stuck a long tube up my nose and down my throat to check out all is ok. It was. Can you imagine if both of us actually swallowed the thing? Heaven forbid. Haven’t eaten chicken wings since… not that it’s good for us anyway.

  7. Tim says:

    Had the worst experiance in my life was eating a burger from a caterer and started choking. I had something lodged in my throat. I panicked and ran to my car where i had some water…I was gagging so bad that i threw up several times and still couldn’t get it out…Long strory short 2 days later they got it out and it was a barbucue brush wire… It was a bad deal that i wish on know one. glad i’m still hear i thought i was a dead man.

  8. guy says:

    I have one in my throat right now. ER doctors said they couldn’t see it and not to worry about it. I told them about how common it is and the possible complications and they told me not to worry. Guess what?! I am worried! How can doctors see it? It didn’t show up on XRAY, but I know it’s there. I saw it plain as day.

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