Cleve Clayton, owner of Jolly Tiger restaurants, has died. If you visit Roy restaurant downtown you can see the original neon Jolly Tiger sign hanging above the bar. This sign used to be located outside of 901 Chapala St (currently Cajun Kitchen). Here is a message from his daughter Danielle Clayton:

Hi John-

I wanted to share some news with you that some of your older local readers might be interested in knowing.

Cleve Clayton, owner of the Jolly Tiger past away on Monday, July 18.   Cleve, and his father, Cleve Clayton Sr., established the Jolly Tiger Restaurants in 1958 in Santa Barbara.  They operated these restaurants with the assistance of most of the family members until 1991, when the last one was sold. He will be missed.

Thank you.
Danielle Clayton

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3 Responses to HE WAS A JOLLY TIGER

  1. Susan Ropp says:

    I worked for Cleve at the Jolly Tiger on Milpas for more than 10 years. He was a fun, easy going guy that made employees and patrons feel like they were members of a family. It was a one-of-a-kind place where blue collar, white collar, and everybody else shared philosophy, current events, laughter and their life stories. I made some of the best friends of my life there. I would like to offer my condolences to Little Cleaver, Jenny, Deb, and Barb.

    Susan Ropp

  2. Michael Day says:

    Cleve was such a funny guy, I also worked there with his brother (Chris) one summer. I know all the Clayton’s. I know all feel so sad, but especially Joel as they were so close

  3. I worked at the Jolly Tiger Restaurant on Chapala Street about 1969, Tex as the manager. I met my future husband there, Joe Langlois, who was a seasonal cook coming down from northern California when winter would set in. I started off with the graveyard shift of 11pm – 7am. He, too, would get off at 7 am, so we started going to Stearns Wharf after work and other fun places.We had our wedding at home and among our guests were customers and workers from The Jolly Tiger.

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