After intense concentration and a wave of my hand over the all-knowing Crystal Ball, my eatery oracle has revealed a list of locations appearing in your future:
• Backyard Bowls La Cumbre Plaza – Oct
• Brendan’s (location to be determined)
• Casa Blanca 330 State St
• Cielito 1114 State St (formerly Stateside & Acapulco)
• Fresh & Easy 336 N. Milpas St
• Fresh & Easy 5955 Calle Real, Goleta
• Handlebar Coffee 128 E. Canon Perdido St (formerly Three Pickles)
• Islands Restaurant (location to be determined)
• Maggies at State & A 1201 State St (formerly State & A) – Dec
• Mullaney’s 22 W. Montecito St
• Nardonne’s La Famiglia Pizzeria 17 W. Ortega St.
• Nutbelly Pizzeria & Deli 915 Linden (formerly Chamomile Café)
• Panera Bread 3851 State St (La Cumbre Plaza) – late Aug, early Sep
• Petros 1316 State St (formerly Cafe Buenos Aires) – late Aug
• Scarlett Begonia 11 W. Victoria St, suite 10 (formerly Cafe Bianco) – early Aug
• The Pub 224 Helena Ave
• Unnamed 5701 Calle Real (formerly Pickup Stix)

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23 Responses to THE CRYSTAL BALL

  1. sbdude says:

    Starting to think Islands will never happen. Been reading that rumor for at least two years.

  2. John Dickson says:

    I know Island was looking at a lower State address as recently as a few months ago. That being said, I’m thinking of pulling Island and Brendans and only listing places that have an address. This was likely their last appearance in the Crystal Ball.

  3. Barry Shulman says:

    John, we hope to be open by the end of the year…not September. The restaurant has been totally demo’d down to the studs…

  4. Glenn says:

    Still sad about pickup stix closing, that was a neat place with freshly wok’ed food, how do they go out of business and panda express stay in business? Maybe because Panda charges the same for lower quality heat lamped food? Or maybe it was location, location, location or both.

  5. Cameron says:

    I would remove Brendan’s anyhow. They started big in Camarillo, but the word from several sources, Including insiders, is that “things aren’t going so well” and “sales are not meeting expectations” They need to turn around Camarillo before thinking about opening anything new.

  6. David says:

    Islands should go where Ruth’s Chris was. It would be perfect for them.

  7. andyr says:

    When are we going to get a cheesecake factory???!!1

    • tama says:

      cheesecake factory would be a good fit in la cumbre.

      • David says:

        As much as I like Cheesecake Factory, I have to disagree. When will the readers accept the fact that this town may host royalty and be called home by Oprah but in reality cannot sustain many high end shops; I am referring to both restaurants and retail. For example, look at the retail vacancies on State Street and what took their place – Old Navy, Forever 21, Marshall’s, H&M. [Ross in Camino Real Marketplace]. What does that tell you about the average clientele in SB?

        The Cheesecake Factory is a very expensive/large operation. Not your typical burger joint. I am not saying it’s “fancy” like Stonehouse or something but it would need a lot of traffic to survive. People here would rather go to a taqueria.

  8. pjt says:

    they need to put a Target where Macy’s is and then all of the businesses/restaurants at La Cumbre plaza will thrive.

    • Dreams of Target says:

      I like your thinking, but I wish Target would replace the Sears! Though I would gladly settle for it to replace the Macy’s.

      • RT says:

        Unfortunately the biggest problem is Sears, it seemed like they wanted nothing to do with the re-branding of the mall and they didn’t have to they own the building they are in. In my opinion Sears would have been a great location for a movie theater, that could have grounded the mall and attracted more people.

    • roger says:

      Oh, Yeah- “Yeehaw, Maw! lets go to Target for some cheap chinese bathroom rugs fer the trailer house, and then go have a fancy lunch, with tablecloths and everthing! Just what the management at Tiffany’s and the La Cumbre Plaza management wants to hear!

      • sbdude says:

        I think you might be confusing Target with Walmart. The ladies and gentlemen of Santa Barbara are oft to make trips to Ventura to peruse the ample Targéts. And with exit of Coach and Ruth’s Chris, I wouldn’t be surprised if Tiffany’s weren’t too far behind.

  9. Tama says:

    La cumbre management have made a horrendous call on what the tenants of the mall should be. Somebody probably sitting in a office far far away took a look at local demographics and deduced it needed a Tiffany’s, coach, Ruth Chris, etc…wrong on all counts.

    Maybe not a target there, but for sure the tenant mix needs a overhaul.

    • roger says:

      Well, if a Target came in there, there would be a definite reshuffling of tenants- you would need a couple of payday advance/check cashing stores, a Chuck E. Cheese to compliment the McDonalds, and Burger King, maybe a liquor store, a payless shoes, perhaps a 99 cent store or two, maybe a video arcade, and a couple of cell phone stores- yep, the mix would change, and i’m sure the mall would be busier than ever!

    • David says:

      Completely agreed. They look at SB and see things like Museum Nights and afternoons at the Polo Fields and think it’s some rich city. Yes, there’s wealth here but it’s a very small minority and they aren’t shopping here. Have you been to La Cumbre lately? It’s a ghost town and it’s confusing with the mix of stores.

  10. Glenn says:

    The kids like watching the fountains there beyond that we don’t really actively shop there. We do shop at the Target in Santa Maria is all I can say. Maybe La Cumbre Plaza is for the Hope Ranch folk and stores can stay open with their moneybags. I think Panera will bring more people to the area but as with Borders the time for real storefront shops is slowly fading away and everything(except food!) will come to you in the mail not the mall.

  11. Shayna says:

    Where is our Umami Burger?!

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