I am hearing that the name of the cafe coming to La Arcada, in the former home of Stateside & Acapulco, will be called “Cielito.” I am told that decades ago, before Acapulco moved in, a restaurant named “El Cielito” use to occupy that location.

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  1. roger says:

    Another one of my old favorites from the early ’70’s- The bartender there made the best Ramos Fizz, to go along with your breakfast. Any Ramos fizz is hard to find today, much less a good one- Maybe Sly’s in Carp.

  2. Linda says:

    As I recall the Celito used to share the exact same men as Harrys’ and Joes’, and the cocktails werejust as “healthy”.

  3. Nancy S. says:

    El Cielito was owned by Harry Davis who also owned Joe’s and Harry’s Plaza.

  4. CM Coddington says:

    I understand (and know from past experience) the GM of the restaurant is a real go getter and has had quite a bit of success here and in Los Angeles as of late and I greatly look forward to what he, the Owner and his team will Wow SB with this time around. Go get em’ Andy( Can’t recall his surname, but the reults should be noteworthy.) C.M.C.

  5. HEIDI lAWLER says:

    With Andy Morgan involved it can only spell success

  6. LaArcada Goer says:

    I went to El Cielito for lunch at their Taqueria. The tacos (approx $3-$4/each) were delicious, but they did not serve any sides (rice and beans) with the a la cart tacos… disappointing. The meal didn’t even fill me up. I spent $8 on two tacos and had to go to Savoy to fill up. Even adding chips and salsa would be a welcome addition. Really? No sides?

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