El Taco Tequila Taqueria opens this Saturday at 14 E. Cota St, the former home of Square One. El Taco is brought to you by the founders of Union Ale Brewing Co. I first wrote about El Taco on May 3rd.

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  1. SL says:

    Finally we will be able to sample the exotic, elusive, and rare taco! It will be a glorious day for SB! Can’t wait, I’ve been wanted to try these taco things for years! If there’s anything that SB needs in its food scene it’s tacos!

    • Alisa says:

      yeah, we heard you the first time, SL. I wonder if the online comments were not anonymous, if you’d make your endlessly inane sarcastic comments.

      • David says:

        You’re a real tough one Alisa. Who are you kidding? We are talking about shitty SB restaurants. Not exactly world issues. SL’s comments are as anonymous as yours. Do you want her real name? What are you going to do with it? Disagree?

        • Joe says:

          If you and SL think SB has shitty restaurants then you should open one yourself instead of talking bad about people who are working hard to create new places in town.

        • Alisa says:

          Nah, I’m not so tough. I guess I just got fed up with the relentlessly sarcastic comments. I love sarcasm when it’s funny! And, I had read the exact same comments from him/her the first time John blogged about this restaurant. Once, I made a comment of concern that the closing of the parking garage was probably hurting the newly acquired Seagrass (which I recently confirmed with them. It killed their biz), and his/her response was a sarcastic, “yeah, you cant walk a couple of blocks in SB’s terrible weather, etc”. Seriously? That’s the takeaway from that? I dont really care who it is, but I think people who are accountable, ie, not anonymous, make more constructive and less pointlessly vitriolic comments. Oy, let’s talk about restaurants some more, ok?

          • Alisa says:

            Oh, dear, I shouldnt have said it “killed their biz”. Seagrass is still there and doing fine. It was terrible for their business when the surrounding city parking was closed for a couple of months. Sorry, didnt mean to imply they were dead!

          • SL says:

            Ahh you send like you need some taco flavored kisses. xoxoxo

  2. Richard says:

    I attended the Taste of the Nation event earlier this month at the Montecito CC.
    El taco’s booth handed out some of the best tasting food of the day, SL’s sarcasm

  3. Glenn says:

    I think it needs one more mexican word in the title or I’m not going.

  4. Some Girl says:

    Glenn – Mexican isn’t a language… Spanish is.

    SL – I wouldn’t expect anything less than a rude sarcastic comment from you.

    I can’t wait to try some today. I will report back with my review.

  5. Suzie Q says:

    I for one am looking forward to it. Why can’t we PLEASE support new restaurants?

  6. a p c says:

    If you can’t decide between getting lasagna or meatloaf from Gene Monasanto’s American diner, Joe’s Cafe, or getting lasagna or meatloaf from Gene Monasanto’s French bistro, Cafe Luck, you can just get a taco at the place between them!

  7. a p c says:

    Predictions: seared ahi tacos with shaved daikon and either sesame or soy ginger glaze. pork marinated in some sort of obnoxiously bro-y alcohol base. one of the sides options will be local greens with balsamic and probably chevre. they may push the envelope a bit with a duck confit taco, and suggest pairing it with a ghost pepper margarita. this will be their ‘thing’.

  8. Glenn says:

    Wow that don’t sound like no taqueira I been to! I think people are going to get confused with a place like Lily’s that sells brain tacos for pocket change. I would have taken the last “SPANISH” word out of the “MEXICAN” restaurant name if it were me. People will just call it ETTT!

  9. Glenn says:

    TTTT! How about just “La Tequila” as a better name, is that copyrighted already? That whole thing is just silly, Saigon In and Out having to change their name because they also sell hamburgers of course right?