The Timbers Restaurant at 10 Winchester Canyon Rd in Goleta has closed. I stopped by recently and there was a fence across the parking lot and weeds-o-plenty.

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  1. SomeGirl says:

    This has always been a very difficult location for businesses to maintain. The only type of business I can see surviving there is a truck stop/deli kind of place. Best of luck to the next owners.

  2. impulsiv_sb says:

    Actually, the place sold within 2 days ~1 month ago. I live in the Santa Barbara West mobile home park and the Timbers is on the other side of my back fence. My neighbor went over and met the new owner as the chain link fences were being installed. From what he said, the new owner plans on opening a restaurant there. The new owner did not give specifics, but my neighbor go the impression that it might be some kind of coffee shop/truck stop. We’ll see. FYI From what we have seen, there has not been any activity since the chain link fences were installed.

  3. David says:

    In everyone’s minds, the Timbers closed 2-3 years ago. The fact that they actually remained open each day with 2 customers, serving a confusing menu doesn’t mean anything. I want to meet the man that is planning on opening yet another restaurant at that space.

  4. Krista and Tony says:

    With the new bridge now open it’ll be easier than ever for people from the business parks to get over for lunch if they can get a decent lunch menu going, we live pretty close too and I welcome a new place.


  5. roger says:

    I remember eatin at Timbers back in the early ’70’s, and the place was packed! I don’t even remember seeing many houses at that time- It was like getting out of town to go to the timbers. Now that the area is choked with houses, noone can keep a restaurant going- Why is that? Seems like you would have a built-in clientele. I remember having great steaks there.

  6. Fay Pressley says:

    I don’t even need that great of food there (but it would be nice), just give me something decent, consistent and reasonable – oh, and let me dine with my dog outside!

  7. Favy says:


  8. j. e. sullivan says:

    Used to go there in the late 60s. Great food. Two brothers owned it, I believe their names were Louie and maybe George. Louie ran the bar. Place used to pack out. I knew the chef, John or Jack Selvey

    • Pamela MacKenzie says:

      Your memory is correct. Louie Vellioti (I know I didn’t spell that right) was one of the owners. It was a great place. After he sold the Timbers he bought a restaurant bar in Goleta. He was a family friend.

    • Jay Selvey says:

      John Selvey was my father. I used to ride my bicycle up from the Cliff Drive area for a lunch. He had a Chinese line cook who was great. He was also responsible for the live theatre they had for a while.

  9. Bill Chambers says:

    The timbers was great but FAR out from Santa Barbara. After Timbers was Ruby Begonia’s Roadhouse. The things I remember was the place is VERY big inside and could serve a lot of people.. Of course the rent must be high. Driving thru the Gas station is a problem to park.
    I wish the new owners well and hope the timbers can be restored.

  10. bob whitaker says:

    my family and i lived at 52 deerhurst drive in goleta. i remember the timbers rest. at the time i lived there, 1968-69, we used it on sundays for a new church that just opened up. i wonder what happened to the church. bob whitaker

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