• The doors at dearly-departed Dean-o’s Pizzarama at 1950 Cliff Dr were open recently and people were seen inside.
  • The windows at the former home of Fosters Freeze at 1924 Cliff Dr are now boarded up.
  • There was activity recently inside the space previously occupied by California Pasta – Five Points at 3979 State St and a set of blueprints was spotted on a bench outside. The “for lease” sign is still in the window.
  • An alcoholic beverage permit application in the name of Municipal Winery has been posted at 22 Anacapa St, the former home of the Anacapa Dive Center.
  • The FisHouse at 101 E. Cabrillo Blvd has posted a “notice of development.”  Rumor has it they will be expanding the bar to include a small outdoor patio.
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11 Responses to WHISPERS

  1. andy says:

    FYI- All of your links are 404ing.

    • John Dickson says:

      Try refreshing your browser. I fixed the links an hour ago.

      • andy says:

        Hmm…Still a no-go, tried from multiple IPs (Cox and telepacific/verizon T1), multiple browsers, cleared cache, links still have the /news/2011/06/02 in them.

        • John Dickson says:

          I see the problem. I was using relative links which worked when I clicked then from /dining/news/ but fail when you click them from /dining/news/2011/06/02/whispers/

          I have made them all direct links now. I didn’t have breakfast today which appears to have degraded my geeking skills.

          • andy says:

            Yeah, relative links have their pluses and minuses. ../../../../ one can lose count of which directory they are referring.

            Breakfast, mmm 🙂 Double mocha and a fresh blueberry muffin everyday for me from: D’Vine Cafe!

  2. Tracey says:

    It’s true, Municipal Winemakers is expanding from it’s current space behind Kunin. If you come by and Dave’s there he’ll give you the tour. http://municipalwinemakers.com/

  3. Paul says:

    May the dining gods have mercy on upper state and put something good where California Pasta was.

  4. MesaLoc says:

    It has already been reported a few months ago in the Mesa Newspaper that the spaces that Dean-o’s and Fosters Freeze occupied will be remodeled as more retail space and will not be reopened or replaced by any restaurant. Sad, but true.

  5. pjt says:

    Pretty sure that Petco is expanding into the restaurant space at Five Points

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