I am receiving reports that Tepeyac Taquitos at 201 W. Carrillo St, which opened last January, has closed. I tried calling during business hours and nobody answers. This is entirely unconfirmed and for all I know they are open for business with a line of hungry customers wrapped around the block.

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5 Responses to TEPEYAC UPDATE

  1. Matt says:

    Under restaurant hours on their website it says closed until further notice.


  2. Jeff says:

    I think the City licensing office knows if a business is closed or not.

  3. Beverly says:

    I believe Tepeyac is temporarily closed to a death in the family.

  4. iheartmykids says:

    They had a death in the family on Monday.

  5. iheartmykids says:

    Scratch that, I just confirmed with a family member that they are closed. So sad, they had a great idea, it just didn’t catch on.

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