May 26, 2011 – Here are pictures from the Santa Barbara Downtown Organizations Art & Wine Tour held last night.

I actually took a lot more than this but my camera messed up. This new Sony camera I bought seems to be quite the piece of junk. The primary flaw is the touch screen interface. It is impossible not to accidentally press the touch screen controls while taking photos. You end up putting the camera in some weird mode that ruins everything. The secondary flaw is the “smart mode” it defaults to for picture taking. It frequently decides to not use a flash at night (and assumes you are taking photos of the stars or something) and the photos come out dark and blurry.

I am thinking of switching away from pocket cameras all together and using my digital Nikon D70 SLR. I purchased the D70 in 2006 so I could create the Santa Barbara Virtual Tour (Quicktime is required to view it).

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