The official word from me is that everything is fine at Ruth’s Chris Steak House in La Cumbre Plaza. They hopefully will remain in business for many years to come.

However, I have received no less than a dozen emails in the last 24 hours from local Ruth’s Chris employees saying that they were notified yesterday that the restaurant in La Cumbre Plaza is closing June 19th.

I called Chris Casberg, General Manager at the local Ruth’s Chris and he said he could not confirm or deny this information. Casberg told me to speak with Cheryl Henry, the Chief Business Development Officer at the Ruth’s Chris home office in Florida. I have left messages for Henry and received no response. I was also told to speak with John MacDonald Vice-President of Legal for Ruth’s Hospitality Group. I left messages for MacDonald with no response.

I am told that KEYT has received similar messages from Ruth’s Chris employees and that news anchor Paula Lopez has mention this fact on her Facebook page.

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28 Responses to RUTH’S CHRIS UPDATE

  1. Paul says:

    A well worded entry!

  2. Sam says:

    I have heard the same from local real estate experts. Hopefully the landlord will find a new operator quickly and not worry too much about finding something to “compliment” the extremely high end retailers.

  3. Mike says:

    Bring back Red Robin. YUM!

  4. Scott says:

    Bring back Hot Dog on a Stick!

    • ben says:

      Hot Dog On a Stick is unhealthy and it is Cholesterol on a stick and Red Robin is a family place where you can socialize with family and friends my mom approves of it!

  5. N says:

    Lol, I don’t remember Hot Dog on a Stick ever being at La Cumbre. I think I would remember because I love their lemonade!

  6. Scott says:

    They were where the Plaza Deli and Software Etc. are now. Pretty sure they closed in the early 80s.

    • Glenn says:

      There is one right now in the Santa Maria Town Center.

    • N says:

      Ah, that was before I came here. Why couldn’t they have stayed open?! 🙂 The closest one now is at the Pacific Oaks mall in Ventura.

    • Paul says:

      Where the heck is the Plaza Deli? I have not been able to find it, but can’t say I tried to hard.

      • Stephine says:

        Plaza Deli is next to Software Etc, down the way from Sears, closest to the back parking lot. Their sandwiches are amazing! It’s worth finding.

        • Paul says:

          Thanks. Had seen the address but did not believe the maping was accurate. Now I see it on Google Maps. Had hoped it was a little closer to State and Hope for walk-ability. Will give it a try.

    • kaylee says:

      it was in the late 70’s, early 80’s, it was called “The Stick”, not Hot Dog on a Stick, it was not affiliated with HDoaS, they sold corn dogs and really awesome cheese corn “dogs”. Even as a teen I knew that the decor was hideous but I was devastated when they closed because I could no longer get the cheese stick thingie.

  7. joe says:

    Another vote for Red Robin!

  8. Glenn says:

    And Mrs Fields! What was the other place across from there too that closed?

  9. Cris says:

    Marie Calendars!

    • Glenn says:

      Thanks! I couldn’t remember it. What ever happened to the Marie Calendar’s and Baker’s Squares in the area. We had a Baker’s Square in Buellton that closed a few years ago too. I guess just not profitable enough.

  10. Jillian says:

    Cheesecake Factory!!!

    • Glenn says:

      Yeah seems like Cheesecake Factory would work at that location. But I’ve never tried Chris Ruth to comment if it should stay there, looks like I may never have the chance now? Remember the old minature golf course in back of La Cumbre Plaza?

      • Scott says:

        Golf and Fun! They even had a skate park. Very fun. Right next to Bob’s Big Boy and the huge avocado/citrus fields. Long live development 🙁

        • Glenn says:

          Yeah it was nice not to have to drive to Golf N Stuff in Ventura but the place was short lived. My friend messed up his knee on that trampoline/basketball game they had and sued the place and won. Hope he didn’t put them out of business! Barely remember the Bob’s being there(right as you get off the freeway n bound?). All this stuff is where the car dealerships are now. Used to go there for the video games too! It was this place and that large place that used to be across from the Granada.

  11. kitty says:

    Come on Santa barbara get with it ! we are the only area with not much to choose from . I go to Ventura, Camarillo , Oxnard ,Santa Maria , Pismo Beach all these areas have so much to choose from Santa barbara nada!!!! We need a target and many more decent places to eat not much to ask for is it??????????????????

    • roger says:

      I just don’t get the hysteria for a Target- I have been in one once- while visiting Manhattan Beach- there was a Target next to our hotel, and I had forgot the toothpaste, and went to get some- Having never been in Target before, I wandered around, looking at all the cheaply made Chinese items- An American job lost with each item, although I know nobody cares until their job is lost, who cares about your neighbor. There were many people, with an average weight of 275 waddling around, fingering the cheap foreign goods, mouths hanging open in wonder. I found my toothpaste, went to the checkout row, where all of the depressed, low wage workers were checking out all this crap, while all the children screamed and moaned, left, and have never been in one again. Why is it that everybody cries for this in our Santa Barbara? Lest you think I am a rich guy, I will tell you that I am an underemployed carpenter that believes in American goods, and American jobs that pay a living wage. Now if i were 275 pounds, I might welcome a Cheesecake Factory……….

      • Margaret says:

        Wow!!! I agree, roger. This is foodie thread, so not going to material goods, but when we have such an abundance of beautiful local, natural, products and many restaurants that use them at a reasonable cost, we don’t need chains, where so much of our spending goes to corporate salaries, bonuses, transportation, ( oil consumption, carbon footprint) and we pay for poor quality ingredients, and no creative thought by the chefs. Look at all of the folks that come to Santa Barbara area from afar to partake in the bountys of our region. I think that says a thing or two.

      • Mike says:

        So, Roger, the Target you went to once was worse than the K-Mart Santa Barbara (Goleta) already has? Every big store (K-Mart/Sears, Costco, etc.) already has “cheaply made Chinese items”, but the ones in Target are nicer and better organized than the ones in K-Mart/Sears. But, since this is a food blog, I have to say that there’s nothing wrong with Cheesecake Factory or P.F. Changs. Can anyone honestly say that Marmalade Cafe is better than Cheesecake Factory? Keep in mind I don’t count the opinions of people who automatically hate large chain restaurants just because of what they are or how their food is hurting America. Is the La Cumbre management going to let a small, locally-owned restaurant open there? Unlikely.

  12. roger says:

    Well, I must admit to my ignorance in your favorite dining and shopping experiences, Having been to a Target once, a K-mart once, a Costco never, and Sears a bunch of times. I have the now outmoded, quaint, nearly impossible ideal of trying to patronize stores that stock American made items, although that ship has sailed long ago, and nobody cares anymore until their job is lost. I guess I am missing out on the beautiful, relaxed shopping experiences that these places offer. As for restaurants, we all make our own choices. I prefer the locally owned restaurants, with local produce cooked by a real chef. Never been to a cheesecake factory or the like, never will. If one comes, you are welcome to go- won’t bother me in the least! I imagine that the management at La Cumbre would “let” a local place take that spot if they could afford it- Unlikely.

  13. joe shmoe says:

    Should just chop it up, La Cumbre is trying to be too high end for a town that probably only has about 30,000 people of means, figuring 180K population, 90K students and 30K of people who go to restaurants on a regular basis, every restaurant is hurting these days, not just the chains. We have good produce here but please understand its more suited for smaller type restaurants to have inventive foods rather than giant warehouse eateries, show me one large scale restaurant that’s succeeded in the last 5 years?!?

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